4Depth 100 million U.S. dollars to buy 2 U.S. dollars to buy a helicopter against China was accused o|Depth 100 million U.S. dollars to buy 2 U.S. dollars to buy a helicopter against China was accused o

Depth: Philippine 1 billion dollars to buy two helicopters against alleged Chinese people stupid money & nbsp; Sina military editor: in order to better presents readers with a variety of military content, to meet the needs of readers in different reading, to jointly explore the domestic and international strategic trends, Sina military exclusive launch the depth of military intelligence, section, depth interpretation of military news behind hidden trend, three-dimensional rendering of China is facing the complex military strategic environment, welcomed the attention. Recently, according to a report in Britain, "Jane’s Defense Weekly": on March 29, 2016, Philippine defense secretary Voltaire & middot; gazmin and Agusta & middot; Westland helicopters, senior vice president of sales department, in Manila signed a value of $1.14 billion arms purchase agreement, to the company to order 2 new fighter AW159 "wildcat" shipboard multipurpose helicopter, to enhance the Navy’s submarine anti-ship and special operations capabilities. Earlier this year, President Aquino III of Philippines approved the purchase of seven national defense equipment budget for the new fiscal year, which is called the P44-B, which is worth billions of dollars. The introduction of a carrier based helicopter project called DND, designed to build a modern naval air force in Philippines navy. At present, the Philippine navy, though they have two aircraft can carry a helicopter of American "Hamilton class Ocean Patrol vessel, but did not configure the special anti submarine helicopter. Therefore, these warships do not currently have the corresponding air combat capability. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly analysis, once the two shipboard helicopter in place, will be deployed to "Hamilton class patrol ship" del pilar, and "Ramon & middot; Alcaraz, and further enhance the Philippine navy ability to patrol the country’s exclusive economic zone, and in combating crimes at sea, to carry out maritime search and rescue and protection of marine resources and play a role. "Jane’s Defense Weekly" did not provide more details of the contract, but estimated delivery date will be in 2018, also mentioned the two helicopter purchase price as high as $1.14 billion, the price even more than the unit price of some of the fighter. Is this 2 helicopters really so precious valuable? Or the Philippines, the Department of defense has been fooled the, in the face of the enormous pressure of the South China Sea, anxious round Philippine navy had to back suckers when it? AW159 wildcat helicopter is improved modernization of British famous "super lynx helicopters, mainly the implementation of search and rescue, anti submarine and anti surface warfare task. The machine by Agusta & middot; Westland helicopters developed. The company is helicopter division in Britain Italy’s Finmeccanica aviation group company. The aircraft carried out the first flight in 2009, the development of the work is very smooth, in 2014 the official equipment of the British army and the Royal Navy, a total of 62, to replace the old "big cat" MK.7 89 multi purpose helicopter. In general, this is a very new combat helicopter, the end of 2015, the South Korean navy has ordered 8, as a new type of carrier based helicopter. May be affected by the impact of South Korea, Philippines Navy also!