49Table tennis evergreen as quasi campaign was 7 degrees in the Olympic Table Tennis Federation|Table tennis evergreen as quasi campaign was 7 degrees in the Olympic Table Tennis Federation9

Table tennis evergreen Saive intends to run for president has 7 degrees in the Olympic Table Tennis Federation seyfer served as Olympian sina sports news on September 27th, Belgium’s Saive expressed willingness to campaign for the ITTF president, on their social media Saive revealed, this intention has been the support of the association. "I am very proud and proud of the association that I have today to express my support for the election of President ittf. I was greatly encouraged by this decision and made me more motivated to serve my sports with new abilities. I will make the final decision as soon as possible to confirm the extent of my support, and I will depend on the size of the support given to decide whether or not to run." Recently, he once again in the social media campaign against the ITTF president’s speech: "I ran for president of ITTF will now get positive response, which makes me encouragement. Thank you very much!" As the International Table Tennis Federation President Thomas – Victor in the 2014 World Championships in Tokyo during his youth was selected as a member of the German national team, in 2005 to become the vice president of the International Table Tennis Federation in 2009, the first International Table Tennis Federation executive vice president in September 1, 2014, served as the official ITTF president, served as the period until 2017, at the same time, he also served as chairman of the German table tennis association. Compared with Thomas as the victor, the occupation career is undoubtedly more legendary. As the last century is active in the 90s world table tennis champion, and France’s Getting was known as the "representative unreasonable play" characters, have made outstanding contributions to the development of table tennis technique. According to statistics, a total of 24 times as the occupation career in the World Table Tennis Championships Arena (including team and individual race), this record in a short period of time I am afraid no one can break, and, since the 1988 Olympic Games will be listed in table tennis as a formal event, he had 7 consecutive Olympic Games, and twice as the Belgian Olympic flag during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, he received a grant from the ITTF "special contribution award". ITTF president election will be held in Dusseldorf next year in Germany during World championships. (source: ping pong world)