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Relatives to pull me black, I never regret for the children to do – to go to the airport to meet relatives of children and adolescents health Sohu founded by psychologist Dr. Hai Ying public, click on the top of the blue on Dr. Hai Ying’s happiness hall wisdom soul – professional children psychological counseling agencies today opened the car with zhe classmates, met a scene in T3 terminal: a little girl had just returned to the right hand holding a lovely doll, left hand holding a packing box, inside is a doll, but her doll wearing a red skirt, wearing a purple dress doll in the box. And pick up their loved ones, the little girl brought directly to the packing box to pick a small doll to her friend. Pick the kids looked at his hand something to the sentence: "Mom, this is not good, I also want a red dress doll." The little girl’s mother did not wait for their children to speak directly, for the girl to do the LORD: "you have to love it, my sister is very generous." The mother said, directly to the red dress doll grabbed from her hands, gave the child family. On the surface, a line of four Yueyuexiaoxiao, good-natured, but I saw a little girl in red eye, and her eyes never left the red dress doll…… Background often have friends leave a message, asking questions about the fight for toys. I usually send this article alone to them, today to see this scene, suddenly felt on the "real", we still have a long way to go. So this article to share to everyone, I hope the child can be a little less harm, more protection. One of my relatives pulled me out of the dark, and the reason was that the bear was robbed of his toys. Last weekend, relatives with their 4 year old son to play. 2 years and 8 months old son zhe students love this big brother, basically all the toys out to share with him. This, I am very pleased. Boys, the atmosphere is more like a man. Before dinner, the 4 year old child pee, toilet suddenly brain hole wide open directly into the bedroom, visit a circle in an ostentatious manner. Take this to take that, finally saw zhe classmates blue Fisher seahorse. This small hippocampus, zhe began listening to students born to sleep, is the favorite toys, no one. See the small hippocampus in the hands of her brother, zhe students are not happy, said: "this is my." Brother ignored, brother’s parents did not care. My little robot took the students love Zhe, allow him to divert attention. He picked up the robot, but his eyes were still fixed on his little seahorse. After a few minutes, the little brother hippocampus threw the sofa, zhe classmates overjoyed, rushed to the hippocampus back. The lost of surprise is the most primitive. Then, he trotted back to horse small bed bedroom on their own, and put in it should be in the pillow. After dinner, the 4 year old brother to go, and suddenly rushed to the bedroom, took out a small seahorse, carrying his little tail jilt ah. This classmate looked at your good friend said loudly: "in the hands of her brother, this is my horse." The symbolic relatives said: "give the toy back to brother." Brother!