97Beyond all expectations! Woods suddenly announced his comeback to participate in three races – Sohu |Beyond all expectations! Woods suddenly announced his comeback to participate in three races – Sohu 5

Beyond all expectations! Woods suddenly announced a comeback year in three races –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 8th, after attending his daughter’s school campus day, tiger Woods suddenly announced that he hoped that in the next month after a long holiday, on the PGA Tour season opener Safeway (open local time from October 13th to October 16th) on the back. Two days ago, Woods just went to his daughter Sam’s primary school primary school campus in limestone Creek, Sam is the third grade students of primary school and their principal limestone Creek through Twitter released some pictures of Woods speech at the campus day, thanks to Woods to attend such activities, and answered every one personal problem. Then, in the absence of any thought, Woods announced his comeback! "My recovery has reached the point where I can make a good plan, but I still have a job to do, and if I can race to see what I’m going to do next and recover. I hope that the game can be ready." Woods wrote in a statement posted on its official website. In this year, Woods plans to participate in the three race, the comeback station will be the first stop of the tour of the United States 2016-2017 season Xi Xi open. This race was held in the United States California Napa resort north of Silver City stadium, which was originally "Freis open", renamed start next year. Woods used only in 2011 participated in the first Freis open, he promised to play last year, because he and the PGA Tour Commissioner Finchem reached an agreement in 2012, he and seven other players can go to Turkey to play exhibition games, exchange is to participate in this game. But he quit the game because of injury. Subsequently, Woods will go to the European Tour’s first finals Turkey open (local time from November 3rd to November 6th), the European tour on the PGA Tour the FedEx Cup launched the Dubai contest, in 2013, Woods and Turkey open tournament organizers signed a very generous fees three year contract. In accordance with the contract, he will continue to play until 2016, but the waist injury so that he can not participate in the past two years of the game. Woods will also participate in the local time from December 1st to December 4th, the hero of the world challenge, the choice of this game is no suspense in this tournament is his own. "It’s hard to miss the games that are very important to me. This time I was sensible of my recovery plan and not worried. This fall will be fun." Woods said. (Alse)