48Suide Shaanxi secondary school, the assistant, but insisted that parents volunteered – Sohu news|Suide Shaanxi secondary school, the assistant, but insisted that parents volunteered – Sohu news8

Shaanxi Suide middle school "Ta" but insisted that the retreat is parents voluntary – Sohu News China Yulin daily news (reporter Yang Huyuan Yang Ning) yesterday, the China Daily reported the A06 version of the three thousand students in Suide middle school is required to pay not less than 500 yuan of the "Ta" issue, pay more attention to the Education Bureau of Yulin City, Suide county government Suide County Commission for Discipline Inspection and other departments, and investigation. The Education Bureau said it had returned the money in full. > > the school argued that parents spontaneously sponsored yesterday afternoon, the teacher is not present when money, Suide middle school, Suide County Bureau of Education issued a note, saying that the day of the working class teacher education, parents left the scene, in the adult ceremony will be ready. In the meantime, the spontaneous organization by the parents, in a voluntary principle to support the student assistant money. After the school was informed that this is a violation of the law, and resolutely do not accept this money, and in the first time by the teacher in charge of the class committee to urge parents to return to the relevant staff. > > parents questioned: don’t know what the teacher had to pay at the site of Suide middle school this reply was questioned, many parents of the parents think that money should be a school inspired after PTA execution, otherwise not 20 classes of home at the same time different class together to think of school the teacher professor a donation. Some parents said: if we are voluntary, why should set a lower limit of 500 yuan standard, not to mention we do not know what the money is used to do." China Daily reporter also witnessed the whole charging process, the teacher on the scene. Some parents said that in the classroom when there is "charge mobilization speech" school teacher, also confirmed that "the money directly to the teachers" members of the parent committee, then education department should investigate and deal with someone’s school leaders and teachers, to prevent the behavior of arbitrary charges. There are parents questioned, the parents committee should be able to prevent this behavior of arbitrary charges, but was informed that the teachers PTA members, we have to pay, so the home end is a bridge between the parents and the school, school fees or "up"? Yesterday morning, the China Daily reporter learned from the Suide high school grade three classes, the teacher has been notified of the charges will be returned, some classes have a full refund. Suide County Board of Education said that all receivables have been fully returned to the hands of parents. "Student" was back, as well as parents to the China Daily reporter said his concern: This was ordered to refund, the teacher will not be so emotional to the child, the impact of teaching it? Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter learned from Suide County Board of education, this caused Yulin Municipal Education Bureau, Suide county government attaches great importance to the relevant departments, at present, Suide County Education Bureau, Suide County Commission for Discipline Inspection and other departments have been involved in the investigation, the results will be announced after the end of the investigation.