47Calcium is needed before the six influencing factors and calcium absorption health Sohu|Calcium is needed before the six influencing factors and calcium absorption health Sohu9

Calcium is needed before the six influencing factors and the absorption of calcium calcium is an important component of building Sohu healthy bones and teeth, adolescent bone development rapidly, the need to add a lot of calcium. If calcium deficiency slows growth, it can also affect bone density and bone health in adulthood. Calcium also maintains the normal excitability of muscles and nerves, and participates in the coagulation process. Once the bones and teeth not only calcium, growth will be affected, but also easily lead to rickets in children and adults suffering from rickets, and harmful to the muscles, nerves, heart and brain tissue of normal function. Physical and chemical properties of calcium: calcium, silver white light metal, atomic number 20, relative atomic mass of 40.078, melting point of 842 degrees C, boiling point of 1484 degrees C, density of 1.55g cm3. The chemical activity of calcium, which is capable of reacting with water and acid; and almost all of the metal oxides can be reduced when heated. In nature there are many compounds. Effect of calcium absorption factor: 1, body factors: including nutrition physiological requirement, vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal mucosal contact area and physical activity; 2, dietary factors: calcium intake is calcium absorption rate and absorption of total amount of the most important factors in the effect of diet. There was a negative correlation between the calcium absorption rate and the logarithm of calcium intake. The total calcium intake were decreased or single low calcium intake, active absorption is activated, thereby increasing the calcium absorption rate; 3, in addition, lactose, oligosaccharides, the amount of protein and amino acids and calcium combination of soluble complexes is conducive to calcium absorption; 4, low phosphorus diet can reduce the blood phosphorus the level of stimulation, vitamin D activation, promote the absorption of calcium; 5, dietary oxalic acid, phytic acid can be precipitated with calcium and decreased calcium absorption; 6, dietary fiber of uronic acid residues, fatty acids especially saturated fatty acids and calcium binding to form insoluble complexes, thereby reducing calcium absorption. How calcium is science? From the diet of high calcium diet (1) this is the fundamental measure to prevent calcium deficiency, is an economical and safe method of calcium. WHO specifies the dosage of calcium for 500 milligrams per person per day, with a dosage of about 1000 mg per person per day. The absorption rate of calcium in food is only 30%. Milk and soy products are good sources of calcium. Calcium containing foods include small shrimp skins, kelp, seaweed, oysters, seaweed, sesame, animal bone soup is also very rich in calcium, but need to add some vinegar in the cooking process, can promote the dissolution of calcium, is conducive to calcium absorption. (2) the amount of protein is the best selection of high quality protein, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, shrimp, chicken, soy products such as food. However, excessive protein metabolism in the body will produce acidic substances, increase urinary calcium excretion, resulting in increased loss of calcium in the body. (3) eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, can promote the absorption of calcium, the formation of favorable bone matrix. But be reminded to note: some vegetables (such as spinach, spinach, wild rice, bamboo shoots, etc.) 9