46The sixth Yao Foundation Charity tournament held in Fuzhou, sports public welfare help sports|The sixth Yao Foundation Charity tournament held in Fuzhou, sports public welfare help sports0

The sixth Yao Foundation Charity competition held in Fuzhou,   sports public welfare help physical education – Sports – People’s education aims to develop a complete personality. Perfect personality." The influence of Cai Yuanpei’s educational ideas. In August 28th, Yao Foundation Charity event held in Fujian on the Strait of Fuzhou Olympic Center, China basketball star team 119 to 114 victory over the United States Nike stars team. This event ticket sales will be donated to the basketball season project and Fujian Minqing County, Yongtai county and other "typhoon NEPARTAK" effect of the affected areas for school facilities reconstruction. Sports professionals to take this platform on how to improve the underdeveloped areas of physical education issues discussed. Since 2007, Yao Foundation Charity event held a total of 6, the cumulative donations of about 50 million yuan, of which a considerable part for the Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season "project. In 2012, the "basketball season" activities for 320 thousand people to provide the opportunity to learn basketball, participating schools also increased from the original 45 to the current 375. Yao Ming believes that a good physical education at least let the children learn to respect the rules, identify with the competition, teamwork, three qualities, and these are the future of society is necessary. This view was Xu Yongguang’s response, Xu Yongguang will work in Chinese youth development foundation, he said: "let the children in poor areas can go to school" is the first stage of project hope, now to be ‘good education’ transformation, including sports, public physical education should play a greater role for the hope project to upgrade." NBA (U.S. men’s basketball professional league), China’s chief operating officer Qian Jun believes that the process of teaching sports skills, but also the transfer of values: there is only one championship, leading to this goal is not a smooth process. The real life is the process of how to stimulate positive energy when facing difficulties and hardships." "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 23 Edition) (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Yang Lei)