46Don’t panic! The first 1 countries to lose the game has not yet played well at home, there is still |Don’t panic! The first 1 countries to lose the game has not yet played well at home, there is still 6

Don’t panic! China lost the first 1 Bureau is not dead yet hit 5 home court battle is still hope Yu Hai scored the first goal for the national football Phoenix sports news Beijing time in late September 1st 19, 2018 World Cup qualifying round 12 match kicks off, Chinese national soccer team in Seoul World Cup Stadium in the South Korean team lost 2-3. The game in the Korean team was leading 3-0, but China team in 3 minutes Lianban 2 goals, has since continued to pose a threat, eventually regret didn’t score. The country will be the next second games, but also the first home, against another line of popular Iran team. Although the loss, but after all, the 12 round of the competition is the last year of the contest, although every game is very important, but the goal is to get the foot of the scores of the more appropriate to take the. To be honest, lost to South Korea, this is the opponent planned 3 points, but not integral, China team plan now, team situation has not changed much. For the Orangemen, back to the final qualifying after 15 years, the first thing to do is to make the long struggle, 10 games, Chinese football should not be much variable, in the first game in the prospect of success. In the past, only won the South Korean team once, the game is not a win, 2-3 score in fact, the game is a good game. Home and away games tournament, 5 games Chinese team play home court requirements, with integral enough, influence the away game by the venues, objective factors, is not good grasp, especially the road against South Korea and Iran as favourites, harvest the loss of confidence is more important, since the road lost only South Korea 2-3, but the scene is not one-sided, why can’t the Orangemen in home court win? The Orangemen want to qualify for the world cup, South Korea at just the beginning, after the 1 defeat of the absolute is not dead, there is still hope, have to look at the 9 games in the next full play. The second game, the country will be back home, the opponent is another line of popular Iran team. In this game, the Orangemen should win points. (Ai Ma)