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Regular treatment of epilepsy? – A Study of the Sohu’s health care study shows that a single unexplained attack does not recommend any treatment. If the patient has more than two unexplained attacks, if not treated, the probability of a third attack is close to 80%. Antiepileptic drugs for epilepsy. Monotherapy for epilepsy control. Most patients do not have a second episode. There may be a tolerance problem or an allergic reaction. According to the regulations, before adding second kinds of drugs, single therapy should be resistant to the drug to maximum amount. If the correct choice of two kinds of anti epilepsy drugs is invalid, third kinds of drugs for patients with seizure control probability below 5%. About 30% of patients are refractory to any medication. These patients are considered to have drug refractory epilepsy. Surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy can be identified by preoperative evaluation of the patient is suitable for surgery. If the epileptogenic foci are independent, they can be surgically removed, which is referred to as resection of epileptogenic foci. If the magnetic resonance imaging showed significant lesions, and the symptoms and abnormal areas of EEG examination were consistent with the lesions, experts recommend the first choice of surgical treatment.