42Zhang Yuning’s father with a sword before the first son not son incentive (video)|Zhang Yuning’s father with a sword before the first son not son incentive (video)2

Zhang Yuning’s father bearing media exposure to renew Vitesse Zhang Yuning for a year without the main location of Tencent in Shenyang in September 7th with a sword sports incentive before the son know his son [information] (the first Zhao Yu) the same day Iran national football team before the game, Zhang Yuning’s father did not know his son to start. Of course, Zhang Yuning himself did not know. A father before one night specially to his son sent a cavalry charge sword photos, encourage the son well prepared, if they can play on the best. Zhang Yuning with the national team’s training, Zhang Yuning’s father is a way to follow. First, he went to Korea to watch the game, and then came to Shenyang. He has been living in Shenyang for the past few days, waiting to see his son play tonight. The results did not expect that the son actually started in the game. According to Zhang Baba, he had a day before the game with his son had a simple exchange, they do not know the team’s second day lineup. "I gave him a piece of WeChat" sword "in the cavalry charge photos, told die in his’ dead ‘charge line." Although this sentence is somewhat exaggerated, but see, Zhang dad still hope that he was playing, and then in front to play for China charge into the enemy ranks. The results of the game, Zhang Yuning really starting. The game, Zhang Yuning to the Iran team to create enough trouble, even Iran coach Carlos said after the game that he is the most difficult to let the defense of the people. Return a short time, Zhang Yuning could not have too much time to reunite with his family, he will leave Shenyang on the morning of September 7th, boarded the plane to return to Holland, prepare for the next holland.