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First, " and " intelligence; competitor analysis provides national teammate Zhang Chengdong + weakness Orangemen preparing for the Chinese fans to watch the national security force in the sidelines Crimee Mainz is expected to debut on behalf of the Uzbekistan foot reporter Xiao Rui Tashkent reported the Warring States Wang izmailov suspended for the Uzbekistan team in the true sense of "super people" is only two, and are from Beijing Guoan – defender Kerry Metz and striker Sergeyev. Look, they are not the core of the Uzbek team, but because of the super familiar, seems to be more of a threat. In this regard, also from the national security team Zhang Chengdong feel deeper. Arrived in Tashkent, with Kelimeici had also tried to contact, he would say English, communicate smoothly." Zhang Chengdong said. However, let the national security players slightly disappointed that the national team for nearly two days in the Yoder sports center training, has not met with rivals. It is reported that Uzbekistan round defeat to Iran after the team began to take full closed mode of training, and transferred to the center of the city farmers stadium, and keep a distance from the Chinese team always. However, the Orangemen to study under the Uzbek team, Crimee Mainz and Sergeyev are the focus of. Especially the latter. "Both of them are now national security players, really understand their style and characteristics. I am sure to share and analyze their situation and information, including personal characteristics and weaknesses, with the coaching staff." Zhang Chengdong said, "like Kerry Metz, who also can not play in many years in izmailov. Moreover, are recognized as outstanding players, will pay more attention to them, for more in-depth study." In fact, in the national team last year, the Asian Cup group phase against Uzbekistan, there is more clear for Sergeyev defense scheme. In that game, Sergeyev played 90 minutes. At present, the Chinese team in the Zhang Linpeng, Zhang Chengdong, and other people, such as his own, who have had a positive confrontation with him, and so on, in the. But from the time of the game scene, the Sergeyev marker deployment effect is good. Coincidentally, the two is the Olympic team in the January 2014 Oman U22 Yaqingsai enemies. The battle of Ukraine, two people have a goal, led the team in the last three minutes to turn the tide of uzbekistan. When the Olympic team coach Fu Bo, the team leader Guo Bingyan, currently in the national football squad. Therefore, in the analysis of potential threats to the enemy, the two people, the national team is of considerable importance. In the opinion of some international, Uzbek team overall strong. The first three rounds of the team there has never been a big score, all is one goal or a small negative, belong to a very difficult opponent. "It can be said to be a very strong team. Although the last round is lost to Iran, but now there are 6 points in hand, enough to show their strength." Zhang Chengdong said. In Jiang Ning seems, the national team must be difficult to prepare. Away combat, as the Chinese team, the first thing is to do a good job of defense, which is a foundation, and then in the plot to attack the opportunity."