40Wang Zhelin suspended Tongxi morale unexpectedly by foreign aid to ruin a good bureau (video)|Wang Zhelin suspended Tongxi morale unexpectedly by foreign aid to ruin a good bureau (video)7

Wang Zhelin suspended Tongxi morale but was ruin a good foreign aid Tongxi last attack by Corelle’s [] playback waste Tongxi fourth Fujian vs Festival ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Shen Chen Wang Zhelin was temporarily suspended on the evening of 4, not long in Tongxi team and the Fujian team before the start of the game, China basketball out of a ticket Fujian Rockets center Wang Zhelin, because the game in the last round, wearing socks and non specified brand was suspended for 1 games. The team Tongxi had said it was a very good news, because the Tongxi team foreign aid Blair in the last round of the game to eat two times unsportsmanlike foul, this round was suspended. "Regardless of our foreign aid, we have to go all out to win the game. Although we lost two games, the team is getting better and better." Before the game, the team said. When he learned that Wang Zhelin cannot play the news, it is the team morale, even though Blair is not playing, Tongxi team in this game or inside an advantage, the team had 44 rebounds, 10 more than the Fujian team, which grabbed 17 offensive rebounds. It is worth mentioning that, in this game, Tang Zhengdong broke out, he had 21 points and 12 rebounds, the team lost, my data is not meaningful, but the state of the team is getting better and better, we are not far from victory." Tang Zhengdong said after the game. Corelle, this ruin a good game, played since the start of the best game Tongxi team, small foreign aid Corelle, found the handle on the outside, scored 43 points, but the last time his calm shot ruined the team hope. Since joining Corelle, Tongxi fans, the most criticized is his three shot, his previous two three pointer hit rate is less than 30%, and the hit rate is less than 70%, in the first game is a continuous penalty lost 8 balls. This game, Corelle seems to be raring to prove that they can not break through to score, he is at the three point out the hand 19 times, hit 9 balls, the hit rate of nearly 50%. The fourth section is less than a minute, Tongxi team behind the Fujian team only two teams, by actively tackle the opponent, and form a little more than play situation. At this time, Corelle is not calm, he didn’t take the ball to the basket team, did not choose to force a breakthrough layup, but chose to pull up at the three point, the ball bounced out of the frame and Tongxi team ruined the bureau. The game, Captain Feng Xin played very well, scored 21 points, but in this failed night, his data is also pale. But Feng Xin did not blame his teammates, Corelle played well today, may be more than the final score. The ball was a pity, but we played better and better."