40In the first half of 60% fund companies who decline in profit behind the vampire|In the first half of 60% fund companies who decline in profit behind the vampire1

In the first half of 60% fund companies who decline in profit behind the vampire? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   each by the A stock market is not the reporter Tan Jing 3000 point in the imagination of a strong, no matter how small the bulk or fund companies and other institutions have some reasons: in the blues, do not make money. It just finished in last week’s disclosure of listed companies reported are confirmed, the listed company shares of the fund companies, 60% of the net profit fell, and even a net profit of 7 fund companies to be completed, including veteran fund company. But in this case, there are still profitable fund companies even contrarian growth. So, what causes most of the company’s profit decline? The best financial cattle in the careful study and understanding, today for your full range of presentation. More than half of the fund’s net profit fell in Shanghai and Shenzhen two listed companies in 2016 last year, the report was disclosed last week, through these reports, the company’s equity fund shares listed companies also surfaced. Financial statistics report only cattle data found that the disclosure of the specific business data of a total of 38 fund companies, in addition to the profits fund and founder Fubon fund losses, other fund companies in the first half of this year to achieve profitability. But from the net profit growth point of view, the market can still feel the chill. In addition to the 3 fund companies comparative data, net profit growth of only 11, accounting for about 28.95%; decline of 24, the proportion reached 63.15%. Specifically, in the 11 profit growth fund companies, net profit increase of more than 100% Huafu fund and Xin Yuan funds and money funds 3, growth rates were 2950%, 219.44% and 107.14%. The other is the net profit growth of Societe Generale, Huatai Barry, Bo, Yi Fangda, China, China Sea Franklin, China Merchants and long letter fund companies in 8, an increase of 48.02%, 29.03%, 15.27%, 14.75%, 10.81%, 7.27%, 6.4% and 3.7%. At the end of June this year in the asset management scale of the top ten fund companies, rose Huaxia Fund and fund net profit steady, showing HENGQIANG character. The decline in net profit of the fund company, founder Fubon and Western gains the loss rate over 100%, reaching 175% and 133%; 4 of the net profit decline of over 60%; never win, Changsheng, lion and other 18 fund companies net profit decline in the 56.25%~ range of 4.08%. Squeeze profit due to trailing commissions mainly depends on the management fee income, the fund company and the amount of income is usually proportional to the scale of asset management. The asset size of the top companies, the net profit is also very impressive, such as fund, Huaxia Fund and Celestica fund first half net profit reached 769 million yuan, 700 million yuan and 585 million yuan, ranked fund company income three. On