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4 year old daughter suffering from white blood for no reason, the reason was formaldehyde exceeded! Sohu is lying ill in bed this mother daughter is Lee’s daughter, since the doctor announced that her daughter suffering from leukemia, Ms. Lee and her husband, two people were ashamed, too late to regret. Their own and her husband did not have such a genetic, how can not expect to fall on his daughter’s body, I really want to be able to replace their daughter to bear all this, for her daughter’s health. The doctor made a survey, asked Ms. Lee in recent years is not moved to a new house or being decorated ah, indeed, Ms. Lee recalled, in May last year when just moved to a new house, but also curious about the doctor will read? After the doctor added that a lot of leukemia patients are due to chronic poisoning caused by formaldehyde, which is a great relationship with the home decoration ah! Lee also said that in March last year, after decorating the house, 2 months after the move, really smell the thick smell of paint, so in order to know is not caused by formaldehyde, also invited professionals to detect a home. No one can think of, the detection result is actually serious exceed the standard, especially the wardrobe, sofa, beyond the value of up to 7 times, the sofa more outrageous, over 11 times, so the house can live? Ms. Lee learned that the results, regret ah, however, these furniture are carefully selected, thinking about his daughter suffering from leukemia. Although the back of the shop to buy a sofa, but who knows that the shop has moved. Every time I heard her lovely daughter in the hospital to ask myself, when my mother to go home ah, I want to play. Ms. Lee heart, think this year her daughter often stay at home, rarely go out, in the sofa watching TV and nap, scared up feel horrible. According to the survey results, 90% leukemia patients in one year are renovated, and replaced with new furniture, remove the genetic gene family, most of the children with leukemia are because the family caused by formaldehyde exceed the standard, so small in the hope that you have the baby’s parents need to pay special attention to the following a few points: low resistance of baby, vulnerable to formaldehyde harm, so it can improve immunity in home decoration must be ventilated for 2 to 3 months long, some good kids pick a small bed and other furniture, be sure to go to regular stores to buy, do not cheap at home in the corner try to put some plants can remove formaldehyde (such as Chlorophytum, Sansevieria, aloe, pineapple these) most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge and information with the pregnancy. Baby grow up happily! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: