39India Wipro Group acquired Chinese consumer goods companies in Beijing|India Wipro Group acquired Chinese consumer goods companies in Beijing8

India Wipro Group acquired China FMCG companies – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 22, India Wipro group 22, announced in Hongkong, has signed an agreement to acquire China FMCG enterprises — Zhongshan Martha Co. Ltd. 100% stake. After the completion of the acquisition, China business sales Wipro UNZA will reach nearly 1 billion yuan, and 82 million yuan in 2007. Wipro in East Asia, the Middle East and Africa Regional Director Nagender Arya said China mainland market is huge, and unlimited potential, in addition to the Southern China market, the group will gradually open up the rest of the mainland market, and strengthen the business in the Hongkong area. With the rapid development of e-commerce platform in the mainland and more opportunities for product sales, the group will make full use of the advantages of the mainland market to expand its business in the mainland. Nagender Arya stressed that "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy for the group’s development has brought important opportunities, in favor of the group’s products into more "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions. CEO and founder Chen Ruiqiang Zhongshan Martha said that strategic alliance with Wipro can obtain high quality resources, to further promote business growth, the real potential and the release of the brand. With Wipro experience in marketing and international distribution network, will expand the market layout, the brand will be promoted to a new level. Wipro UNZA Business Development Senior Manager Ye Yongyi said that the acquisition of proof of confidence in the market China wipro. Mainland China market is large enough, is the focus of the group to open up the international market, I believe there will be more companies in India to China, because we are optimistic about China’s big market. Ye Yongyi said that although the business of the Hongkong market accounted for the group’s business share is not much, but I believe that after the completion of the acquisition, the Southern China region’s business helps to extend to the Hongkong market. Wipro consumer goods business as part of Wipro group, India is the fastest growing FMCG companies. Footprint in South Asia, ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa and the United Kingdom and other countries and regions. Wipro has 15 production bases in India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Vietnam also has R & D facilities in India and Malaysia. (end)