38Yunnan, another poor family tuition was $two million sisters tuition fees did not lose – China Netwo|Yunnan, another poor family tuition was $two million sisters tuition fees did not lose – China Netwo1

Yunnan has a poor family tuition fraud two sisters million tuition did not – Beijing Shandong Linyi Xu Yuyu case shocked the country, much media attention on the occasion, Yunnan has emerged one after another similar communications fraud case. Yesterday, reporters in Eryuan reported a poor families cheated 29700 yuan news, the money is two tuition fees; then, a new family cheated Yunlong County News, is also a poor households, the same two children to college tuition. It is gratifying that the reporter learned from the civil affairs and education departments, cheated families can apply for assistance through multiple channels, to ensure that children enter school. At the beginning of the new semester, the reporter deliberately sort out a representative case, we hope to attract attention, to avoid being deceived. To help poor families in urgent need of one disaster after another two sisters million tuition is not August 21st, Yunlong County Cao Jian Zhen Da Ping Cun Wei Hui Dapingzi group where a communication process, encounter fraud, cheated 10 thousand yuan of tuition for two daughters ready. Evening news reporter yesterday contacted any process, he is a Caojian town. "No matter how to do, also have to raise money, send their daughter to school, I’ll gradually pay." He Jincheng said, the day he received a strange phone number is displayed at the beginning of the 171, the other said his daughter by the Bureau of Civil Affairs selection, may obtain 2800 yuan aid, to the Bureau of civil affairs or contact the staff registration procedures. He Jincheng was working to open the body, put the staff phone number told the eldest daughter, let her go. After hanging up his father’s phone, her daughter called the staff of the phone, was told to take the card to save the tuition fees can be handled. The eldest daughter about the sister to go to the bank, in accordance with the other requirements of the card and enter the password, then the mobile phone bank SMS alerts, there have been 10 thousand yuan transactions. Sister has not come over, my sister did not see the situation to the card out of the back, only to stop the liar to continue operations. The two sisters then reported the matter to the police station, the police immediately initiate an investigation. Yunlong Caojian town mayor Kong Changshou told reporters, Cao Jian Zhen Da Ping Cun Wei Hui belongs to the alpine mountain village, the villagers generally poor, where the process of filing riser is poor, the family 4 people. What is the process of the legs and waist bone hyperplasia, can not do heavy work, but for two daughters to school, he went to do odd jobs always eat some painkillers for two days. His wife can not read the process of doing housework. The eldest daughter this year just admitted to Lijiang Teachers College, daughter this year just admitted to the school of Finance in Dali. "We have accumulated for many years, only to save the 15000 yuan, ready to be a child’s expenses." He said in the process. August 26th, his wife sent her eldest daughter to the Lijiang Teachers College report, what process in order to gather the little daughter’s tuition is still working. "We borrowed 6000 yuan from the government to help train the daughter of the tuition fees, the daughter of the school in September 3rd is about to start, but also requires about $8000 tuition, I do not know where to raise." He Jincheng said. If you are willing to help readers love the process can be remitted to the account