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Japanese fans with South Korea and South Korea next year AFC Champions League strong football is still the protagonist – Sohu sports   September 15th Beijing time news, South Korea K League this season in the top two Jeonbuk Hyundai, Seoul FC were eliminated in Shanghai on the Hong Kong and Shandong Luneng, hand cut sub crown four, also attracted media attention in japan. Japanese fans have impressed Korean football too strong, predicted that next year the league is still the protagonist AFC Champions League Korea and super team: "the current J League sidelined." Following the day before the Japanese media to modern North staggering 5-0 rout of Shanghai port, the first to qualify for the semi-finals, the Seoul FC and Shandong Luneng away draw in last night, with a total score of 4-2 out of opponents. In 2002 2013, twice runner up in Seoul after a lapse of two years at AFC Champions League once again return to best4: "in all of North Seoul is also a strong competitor in the domestic K League, two teams to qualify for the semi-finals AFC Champions League confirms the strong return of K league." The report pointed out that the defending champion Guangzhou Evergrande after the early exit, the Hong Kong and Luneng failed to break into the semi-finals, this super team: "not only The whole army was wiped out. J League, this year’s AFC Champions League also continued to buy the world and the big star burst coach of the super team frustrated years. In order to stimulate the Japanese team AFC Champions League fight, J League has decided to next year’s championship bonus increased to 1 billion yen, a variety of stage regression system reform measures. Can receive immediate effect are still unknown in next year’s AFC Champions League." On the one hand, the Japanese media also pointed out that the downturn in the Chinese Super League AFC Champions League performance, also caused the domestic China about "burst buy meaning" the depth of discussion: "we can see the development of China football in the explosion to buy many, many critics burst buy can not improve China local player level." Japanese fans have strong admiration of Korean football: "South Korea’s top players to the European League, even so, the K league team can still finish and J Super League", "not only the K League, the super team is very strong, but the J league team in recent years as AFC Champions League no" "the South Korean team, too, DAZN injection of J League, can drive its development is still unknown, at this stage of the K League and Super League is indeed better than the Japanese team", "total compensation Jeonbuk players heard only on port 30%, so the north out of opponents is not because of the money effect, but due to extraordinary strength." Some people Tucao: "although not loved by the super The whole army was wiped out. support the South Korean team, but saw the rich super team lore, very happy." Many people are worried about the J downturn will make the Japanese Football League also behind the development of China and South Korea: "next year AFC Champions League protagonist is still China and South Korea, the Japanese team can only stand", "in recent years, J and K fell into the Super League league behind is an indisputable fact that, if the super strong is to rely on the money out of the heap so, we must learn from the K League in the capital and also under the background of such a powerful reason", "the Japanese team in the AFC Champions League situation, is not a good thing. In the past three European club after the downturn, also play a chain reaction, the performance of the national team with a kick)