35Korean media comment China fans unbridled savage explicit no bottom line (video)|Korean media comment China fans unbridled savage explicit no bottom line (video)2

Korean media comment China fans: unscrupulous no bottom line 3 minutes [] savage explicit battlefield 2 ball of foot 2-3 Korea Yu Hai Hao Junmin broke the Tencent sports in September 2nd (Wen Yinghong Xia) 12 strong race in the first battle settled, the Orangemen soldiers returning on schedule, 6 days to begin preparing for the battle of Iran. However, in the game, the debate around the war between China and South Korea did not end. In the domestic media reported China fans to clean up the trash in the stands, Korea caused the security surprise of the moment, South Korean media have seen different sides. Fanatical Chinese fans shocked Seoul, "10 thousand Chinese fans, the World Cup Stadium in Seoul unbridled bottom line" – this is the day after the game, the South Korean mainstream media, "Chosun Ilbo," the title of the second. According to the South Korean Football Association disclosed that this is the history of South Korea’s sports, a single game to receive the most away game, enough to load the country’s history. But, in the area of the Chinese fans "Korean Daily" reporter, after close contact with China fans, in rather sinister perspective, examples of various international arena fans misfits China behavior. "Desperate to beat South Korea", "South Korea Gundan" — such cheering signs or slogans, if the scene is the replacement to the domestic league, maybe people have become accustomed to not accustomed to, but in the Korean reporter’s eyes, these are brutal and explicit". China 0 to 3 behind the occasion, the Chinese fans suddenly quiet down. Soon, some China fans started smoking in the stands, a side edge sigh of disappointment. "Of course, the Seoul World Cup Stadium is a rule: full court ban on smoking." Korea China fans give South Korean media impressed the reporter also did not forget to shoot China fans that he’s a gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory "color painting": the face is Guan Yu’s Facebook, meaning "win glory in battle". Of course he topless "body painting": a huge football, 2 to 0 score, and a shocking "kill" the word… However, in all sorts of teasing apart, the reporter also interviewed a record of China fans cheer to korea. "I want to apply for a visa a month ago to buy tickets to the travel agency to pay 1.5 times the ordinary fare, but were forced to report a delegation to attend the three days and two nights journey. Accommodation and tickets, all down the average China cheering spend up to 800 thousand won (about 4500 yuan) of the giant."