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Children’s healthy eating needs and standards, do you know what it is? Sohu – maternal at present, there are a lot of children healthy food standards, so many parents in child health were confused, do not know how to do, the more uncertain, what kind of way for their children. We all know that children’s diet must be suitable for their own health, drug like children, not only is the reduction of drug taking as adults, children’s diet is also not a simple food intake less than adults. Children’s diet must be rich in fat and sugar. Because fat is able to provide the child with an organism to provide material nutrition, sugar can promote the formation of organic tissue in children. It should be noted that: Children’s food in the production process should pay attention to the "thin and small" principle. Because children do not have good chewing ability, their stomach has not yet fully formed ability to digest food. So, in a child’s diet often soup, vegetable mud, Rice-meat dumplings are essential. So, for the children’s dietary standards, let us know. 2-3 years old children’s food, milk and eggs are indispensable, because these two kinds of protein rich, to meet the needs of children’s growth process. Of course, after 2 years old children can also choose broth, note: it is not meat broth. Because the broth is good for digestion, but also for the body of the child to provide material nutrition. So, the children at the age of three and a half later can be appropriate to eat meat, special attention is: doneness, fine degree; and this time you can prepare a lot of vegetables and fruit for the children. Now, I will share the previous to Dallas brother prepared diet for everyone: broth: give me his broth in calf brother 3 years old, is very simple: a small piece of meat, water, edible salt, edible oil (olive oil, butter is also available). Warm fire for two hours. Note: do not eat with the broth, otherwise it will destroy the nutrients. Bean soup: beans, salt, water, edible oil. Beans cooked, peeled after cooling filter, filter water, add oil and stir it slowly, then add boiling water then avoid caking. Milk eggs: it is best to just squeeze the milk and just under the egg, if you can not guarantee that, then before eating a little attention, pay attention to the egg yolk do not cook the complete solidification. Meat: children grow up to 5 years of age when they will fully accept all the meat, then at the age of 3 can be appropriate to give the child to eat pig lean meat, chicken, fish. Cattle and sheep meat is best not to choose their children. Fruits and vegetables: small cattle brother since I gave him to eat fruit and vegetables is 1 years old when he slowly gave him to eat, infant fruit best hot, or is made of vegetable puree to eat, too. Wait until after the age of 3, the child’s stomach mature a little and then choose to eat raw fruits for children. Seasoning: many parents do not know, condiment is suitable for children, what kind of dressing is suitable for the child, strictly speaking, in addition to daily necessaries, fruit juice, garlic, onion end accident, all the condiments are not suitable for children under the age of 4,.