32Yue Sun announced the return of three blocks I come back to the defense is not too bad|Yue Sun announced the return of three blocks I come back to the defense is not too bad2

Yue Sun announced the return of three blocks: I’m back defense is not too bad in Beijing late on November 4th, CBA entered the third round league. The home court sits in Wukesong, Beijing men’s basketball team to a 99-87 victory over the team’s 2 game winning streak, the Bayi team; season 3 game losing streak. After the game, the comeback of Beijing captain Yue Sun confident to say, I came back the defense will not be too bad." Tonight is the Beijing captain Sun Yuexin season’s first show, due to ankle injury, he missed the first two games of the new season. Yue Sun’s ankle was injured before the preseason, and the doctor’s diagnosis was that Yue Sun had a torn ligament in his ankle and a loose body with some bone fragments. Yue Sun himself said, when the wound healing need to see luck. The last round of the game, the Qingdao team to face Beijing defending the three hit rate more than 50%, Min Lulei lamented, "if Yue Sun was here." Tonight, just after Yue Sun did not live up to the trust of the coach, from the outside to prevent inside, first he played 7 minutes, the team three blocks all sent by him. Last season, Yue Sun had just recovered from shoulder surgery in this season, he suffered a foot injury, "feeling back to last season, the day before the start of dislocated arm, pray, don’t get stuck there." Yue Sun said, "today play and min guidance discuss, first look at how the state of play. The next show time will slowly increase." Compared with the last game against Qingdao tonight, Beijing’s defense significantly improved, then, and this is the return of Yue Sun? Yue Sun smiled. "I won’t be too bad when I get back." This confident answer drew everyone’s laughter, Yue Sun went on to say: they know that they can be hard to defend the perimeter, I have to break them up. So you see, that’s the strength of the defense, and that’s what my teammates believe in me. The summer training to combat some of the big players. The beginning of the season, we have some problems are normal. Today, the opponent had 87 points, but also shows the strength of our defense." So did Yue Sun, who had just returned, found a shot? Yue Sun smiled and said: "I do not know, today I have not shot." (Wu?)