32From Monday to Sunday seven you want cappuccino kiss Laan to you – Sohu|From Monday to Sunday seven you want cappuccino kiss Laan to you – Sohu7

Seven weeks from Monday to the Cappuccino you want to kiss LAAN to you – Sohu and God said, seven days a week, Balzac said, life is a cup of coffee, so we put their feelings, are put on the seven cup. From Monday to week seven, to give life add some cream, sugar, give yourself a adventure. Every day from 9:00 to 24:00, LAAN to sit at the right time, and for the people, the taste of a cup of coffee with happiness. "The first day coffee class" first and then the powder particles lonely mood is a small spoon gently turned the lonely in the whirlpool slowly precipitation on the float is pleasant and sink to the bottom of the cup is to drink, life is all everyone has their own love coffee varieties, Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha, Lanshan, mandeling…… Everyone has their own favorite coffee shop, and I love LAAN. It is the first love at first sight, he like a friendly uncle, has a sense of security and belonging, it builds the FEELING, not only in the city, not deliberately playing small fresh, do not deliberately handle the tone, it will not to ignite the nerve excitement, does not stimulate the soul of emotion. LAAN, the uncle temperament stood there, laughs. Let your body relax, lazy body can’t help. "Second days" mood "in a different mood to stir the same bubble is in the midday sun in the coffee shop to enjoy the most simple moments of warm eyes closed as if to smell the taste of warm, romantic mood, romantic and comfortable, pleasing and lazy" slow life ", then a busy life also need to find a space for myself. LAAN coffee is met, seemed cordial after being apart a long time. Open the glass door, the label of Korean fan children Cafe ornate chandeliers, pattern chairs, kind and gentle; a door to greet you bear, bear, cabinet row and Meng Meng meal on the table waiting for the adorable bear, childlike, adorable state to make up. "Third days of finger relaxation" yearning for a free coffee taste every warm mood touch every character above all through life happy to relax all fingers bright and flamboyant era, LAAN insist on his grace. From day to night, every moment, the trend for the style, the details of the attitude, with a familiar atmosphere to create their own style. In LAAN time, is their own happiness, just like Cafe Latte on the bubble, with a creamy sweet. "Fourth days of silent piano." I don’t drink coffee just because of loneliness because drinking coffee when I need solitude like silent piano as a pleasurable occupation light gentle, sofa soft, warm coffee with the melody around the ear, as the passage of time…… I am obsessed with air, light, sound LAAN, forget the time immersed in there, stir slowly, slowly sucking, coffee to tell their own stories, met a journey. "5 fifth