32102-90 victory over defending champion Sichuan Shanghai men’s basketball team home six winnin|102-90 victory over defending champion Sichuan Shanghai men’s basketball team home six winnin9

102-90 victory over the defending champion Sichuan team   Shanghai team won six straight home court; – Sports – people.com.cn 2016-2017 CBA regular season in the tenth round started last night, the Shanghai men’s basketball team in the home court against defending champion Sichuan golden strong. The Shanghai men’s basketball team on a road victory over the Fujian team, although the three points scored 30 points more than the opponent, but the attack inside the gap and rebounding disadvantage but once let Shanghai nearly send victory. The Sichuan men’s basketball team, a home court losing the finals last season against the Liaoning team, Jose Smith and strong foreign aid? Team is still running in stage, and this game striker Zhang Chunjun not debut because of injury. The Sichuan men’s basketball team, adhering to the three Festival by the Shanghai men’s basketball team offensive frenzy hit the Shanghai men’s basketball team, the final 102:90 victory over the opponent, harvest six straight home court. The first section of the game, Ceng Wending and Meng Da for their team hit a three points, the Shanghai team with a sudden throw, hit a wave of 8:0. Two teams feel good outside, each hit 4 points in mind, Shanghai men’s basketball team 27:18 lead the first section of the end of the. The second section of the contest, the two sides scored very tight bite, then the Shanghai team out of the vote played a small climax of the 9:0, will stop playing in Sichuan. Liu Wei does not suspend the return ejection, Hadadi follow the ball up into Sichuan, continued on fire, the Sichuan team also find offensive rhythm. The last attack, A Busse Eli shot the ball hit the buzzer. Halftime, Shanghai 51:44 Sichuan. Easy side battles, the two sides frequently follow. Josh cut layup scored, Yabusailai fouls two free throws, then the ball break reverse dunk, Liu Wei a high throw, then put Tesan Frey continuous shot, Shanghai expand the difference. Sichuan team did not give up resistance, hit a wave of 6:0 offensive tide will be reduced to a single point difference, Shanghai 74:65 men’s basketball team 9 points. With competition, Frey Dieter hand back further expand the difference, Liu Wei stood on the free throw line occurs when the moving scene, the fans did not like any other players throw away like booing, but the "MVP, MVP" cheers to the Shanghai men’s basketball team captain, and in aid of Josh cramp after the departure of the Sichuan men’s basketball team. For the whole class to give up resistance. The final timer bell, Shanghai BiliBili team 102:90 victory over the Sichuan golden strong gain victory with unstained swords.   (commissioning editor: Hu Xuerong, Zhang Fan)