31Miha AC Milan today have to thank me, I have to know where the ball!|Miha AC Milan today have to thank me, I have to know where the ball!4

Miha: AC Milan today have to thank me, I have to know where the ball! + sports reporter Peng Lei reported a year ago about this time, in November 8, 2015, AC Milan 2 to 1 victory over Sassolo’s home court game, genius goalkeeper Donna Roumat made his Serie A debut (below). At that time a lot of people think this is the coach Mikhailovich "lessons" goalkeeper Diego · Lopez’s provisional measures, results and no one expected this year down, not only in the AC Milan donnaruma foothold is helicopter Italy national team, and Germany’s warm-up match, it may be necessary to complete the national team the first show. Buffon’s successor has passed so much that there is one that is beyond all expectations. A year later, "Bole" Micha broke the news: if not, then there is no Donna Roumat insisted today, "before a week with Sassolo, President Berlusconi came to Milan at two, he is to persuade me to give up Donna Roumat to replace Diego · Lopez thought. I said to him, ‘boss, either you fired me, let Lopez play, or leave me, let Tang Nalu immediately Finally, I stayed, Donna Roumat also succeeded, fortunately, I said that the president Berlusconi’s lucky. I would like to say that the 29 years that the president has led Milan for the past 30 years are excellent." Micha mean, rely on their own to enable Donna Roumat, before the introduction of the Rome gnoli, before leaving the union…… In a word, is the credit for, "last season we start is a bit difficult, but that is because we wasted 7-8 game time to adhere to the 4312 game, the chairman Berlusconi asked, even though he may also understand that the formation is wrong. After being defeated by Naples, I said to him, ‘well, now I’m going to start my own decision, even if I die, I’m going to die in my own way Then the team’s performance began to improve, the nature of the matter and Donna Roumat thing a kind." Well, the essence, Mihajlovic means: Benitez as he knows the ball, "without me, Rome gnoli won’t come to Milan, no one is willing to spend 25 million euros at the time. At that time, it seemed like an exaggerated figure, but I succeeded in persuading the president that he said, ‘it’s too expensive.’ I said, ‘I’ll do it at least twice a year, and I’ll make up for it. If we sell more, we’ll split the bill" The outbreak of the union is actually Micha credit, it can’t be denied, "have been sold to Leicester in January to the union, but I insist that he is leaving, I gave him the opportunity to play the main force. If there is no Niang, Rome Mourinho Lee and Donna Roumat, I think that Milan can only be more weak, only poorer." In short, Micha mean, Benitez did not understand the ball, see people’s eyes as their own, this in fact also gave Galliani a gun. The old man was fired in advance, to tell the truth, perhaps not entirely because of the results of it, a lot of people are also analyzed, the character…… "They came to me as Milan coach?