30South Korea continued protests broke out Park support rate will fall endless|South Korea continued protests broke out Park support rate will fall endless9

South Korea continued protests broke out Park support rate will fall endless [global times in Korea, Japan, the United States special correspondent Wang Wei Han Fei Ji Li Zhending Cui Shunshi said the winter rain] "I made damn crime", refers to "in the manipulation of government and accumulation of illegal property" is also secretly "make friends in the vortex of the president."? The afternoon of October 29th, there are people in Seoul Gwanghwamun square before the seat of the guillotine, the expression of discontent. Reported that the Korea Niuxi Si news agency 31 days, with the "Cui Shunshi gate" by South Korean public opinion boiling, let Pu Jinhui support rate hit a new low, and the endless fall". South Korea, "Asian daily" reported that the South Korean University and the labor sector have expressed, 64 professors, 31 Kwangwoon University held a "muddle-headed" placard issued a statement that the legitimacy and legality of the regime has lost power, immediately asked the president to dismiss the government and form a new "neutral government". Pu Jinhui alma mater Sogang University law school students also published "the Declaration", hope she can respect public opinion, to hand over power down. A women’s university faculty and students also held a press conference, said that the regime is now ignoring national sovereignty, if there is no sincere apology, can not easily let go". Professor of Hanyang University, Korea National University of arts students will also issued a "Declaration of denouncing the president’s" situation. South Korea "the mass mobilization of the struggle to continue to hold large-scale candlelight demonstrations in downtown Seoul Cheonggyecheon square. Opposition parties to the prosecution of the same day the prosecutor Cui Shunshi and other 4 people involved in national politics. The party also announced that the country into a very state of affairs, the local Party branch will continue to carry out banners protest. The opposition Justice Party members Jin Zhongda on the social networking site Facebook’s personal account issued a document that in South Korea and the United States of "Sade" deployment, "Sade" manufacturer Martin to try to contact with the current government power behind the push hands. Dry door also caused dissatisfaction with overseas korean. According to the CNN (CNN) 31 reported that economic weakness, lack of communication with the public and state treatment and other factors lead to lackluster Park support rate fell to a new low. University of Southern California director of research Kang Canxiong said South Korea, Choi family have extraordinary influence on the park, they almost tantamount to Russian Tsar and yaoseng minions "pull Sipu kim". The local Korean protesters said: "Cui Shunshi crisis shows the president has neither the capacity nor the qualification management of government." Kang Canxiong also believes that the dissolution and reorganization of staff does not solve the problem, "the dissolution of staff team, she will be able to manage the state? Staff is not a problem, she is". The report also said that in the late 80s of last century, only to abandon decades of military rule and achieve full democracy in South Korea, political and business corruption problem is still widespread. To some extent, the current scandal and Pu Jinhui and the Korean experience, views on the father’s estate still have differences, now that "politics door" is to let the woman in trouble. Investigation on "Roh Moo-hyun’s involvement in the bribery scandal" South Korean prosecutors in 2009 had left a deep impression to the outside world. Roh Moo-hyun after jumping Dutch act only 7,.