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Alan Ding Junhui love leadership speech to recover the dissatisfaction with leniency for " " – Sohu sports in the snooker billiards, Mark Alan achievement is not the best, but has a super big mouth, only he did not dare to do, he did not dare to say, when he learned that Ding Junhui won the crown crown qualifying international championship runner up Alan and identity. Not calm, on twitter grumble, TSU chairman Barry Hearn Kanbuxiaqu, to treat Alan’s disease, the most out of the woman ", Alan saw the boss immediately said the fart bump to apologize, he also took the initiative to Enshi love, enough to prove to the world. Is the husband can take temporary setbacks. Snooker is the 2013 season of new crown crown founded the snooker tournament, invited the champion team, and Ding Junhui won this year’s World Championships runner up status, obtained in crown crown qualifications, news just came out, someone looks at the Chinese brother. Alan on twitter for Ding Junhui in the world championship runner up again at the crown crown, was shocked and confused, in the words of the undisguised dissatisfaction and questioned TSU Tsu, "you do, really good?" The baby was bitter, baby is not happy, but this is not the first time the baby Alan is not happy, in 2012 after the defeat of Cao Yupeng publicly accused of dishonesty, accused the referee of Chinese players always being biased, this sweep a large play naturally aroused public indignation, TSU chairman Hearn in an interview publicly accused him of being an idiot". Once again, you can beat Alan, but not control his mouth, see Ding Junhui for the crown in the crown and the heart of discontent. The TSU chairman Hearn also came forward to respond, said the world Taiwan altar business operation needs the participation of Ding Junhui can be more brilliant snooker. In fact, Alan is not stupid, to see the boss after the explanation is not calm, in addition to an immediate apology to say a good word, also said that before the resumption of words. Most people are drunk, Alan also said that Egen, for fear of being replaced his crown crown qualifications. Alan kidding? I don’t know this, but from questioning Ding Junhui to love this picture really is the chairman of world snooker, so beautiful I can not see.