29 report awkwardness trading Shenzhen scores earned 3.87% won the crown on the capital-noreply

29 report: awkwardness trading Shenzhen scores earned 3.87% won the crown on the capital by the Tencent financial sponsor, Chinese investment securities brokerage chief cooperation 2016 "world expert meeting" and "private – private equity division expert meeting" into the bottom second trading days to borrow money for today, with the market warming, private master who generally get high income. Previously ranked first "CC" today gains 1.06%, still 7.99% of the total revenue in the top, "the children walk" in the total revenue of 7.41% in second place, "Liaoning investment slightly today losses, but still 5.69% of the total revenue ranked third. Volatility stock index rose 0.36% 3000 points today all day long lose after having got it A shares within a narrow range, the stock index around 3000 points repeated fluctuations, slightly late diving slightly lose after having got it 3000 points. Disk plate showing a general trend, coal, finance, oil, paper, wine, environmental protection, medical and other gains, only a few of the aviation sector fell. At the close, stock index rose 0.36% point, Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.43% to close at 10512 points. Short term stock index at 3000 points to maintain the platform shock, in the domestic economic data showed a significant improvement in the margin and the background of the shortage of assets, while the stability of the national team will make the index fell space is limited. Waiting for the market to rebound after the short-term platform shock rebound. Shenzhen City, the capital earned 3.87% won the fractional Championship day today rankings, the top ten institutions have achieved positive earnings of more than 2%, of which Shenzhen capital today earn 3.87% points at the top of the list, "Jin Ruilin" and "Liu Jun" were 3.53%, 3.47% of the revenue ranked 2, 3. Look at the Shenzhen capital fraction of the stock positions, as of 29 closing, holds a total of Wuchang, Shaanxi Strait, Fuchun environmental protection, the black cat shares of four stocks, including Wuchang today Dikaigaozou, the city closed limit. The stock also gave Shenzhen scores 17.51% of capital gains. In addition, Fuchun environmental protection today also rose about 2%. The strong performance of these two stocks, also made Japanese champion capital score distinctions won in battle. Chengdu e Wu Sheng Teng continues to lead the weekly rankings weekly rankings, Chengdu Wu Sheng Teng e fund today earn 1.67%, still 6.12% of the weekly return lead week list. "Sisyphus", "some people" were 4.96% and 4.2% of the weekly income ranked in the top 2, the top 3. They also by virtue of today’s outstanding performance into the week before the top three. Tomorrow will enter the last trading day before the competition, I believe that as long as there are no major mistakes, Chengdu Wu Sheng Teng e fund will be very promising to obtain private meeting third expert Zhou Guanjun, let us wait and see! It is worth mentioning that, with the deepening of the game, we see the total ranking, the top 11 have 6 is exposing the surface participating private, they are "Liaoning investment, Xiamen You Yi Feng capital, Chengdu Wu Sheng Teng e fund, Shenzhen Qianhai Thailand Wo fund, Guangdong Yu Rong investment, big the capital city of Shenzhen, we wish they create in the next game!相关的主题文章: