28Zhang Zhaoxu measurement of strength training than Wu Guanxi said the body was emptied|Zhang Zhaoxu measurement of strength training than Wu Guanxi said the body was emptied7

Zhang Zhaoxu: measurement of strength training than Wu Guanxi said the body was hollowed out   September 7th Beijing time, CBA test test in southern Sichuan golden strong basketball training base. Shanghai Rockets center Zhang Zhaoxu said, peacetime training is bigger than the strength test, Wu Guanxi said with a smile, run the feeling hollowed out. Today is the speed endurance test, that is, 17 times to run a group, a total of 4 sets of average scores. "Our team in the summer training, are training and then practice running back and forth, so the intensity of training is certainly greater than the intensity of the test." Zhang Zhaoxu, who had just finished running back, said, sweat dripping down his cheeks. During the offseason, two foreign players of the Shanghai team have been identified, is a former NBA kings Gilmore – Frey Dieter, and this year’s NBA sixteenth rookie Gail – Yabusailai male. Zhang Zhaoxu said that two foreign aid has come to Shanghai, training. But do not participate in the measurement of foreign aid, so not to meet with them, after the test, the team will return to Shanghai joint training team. And for the new season, the team’s goal, is definitely the playoffs, he said firmly. Sitting on the side, is also covered with sweat Wu Guanxi smiled and said, "run the shuttle run, feel the body is empty." However, he ran out of 64 seconds of results, successfully passed, he said he was also satisfied. This summer, Wu Guanxi had to go to the United States for special training, but also participated in the Rockets training camp, on behalf of the Rockets played NBA summer league. In the United States play a great strength, and there is a big gap." Wu Guanxi said. "It should be said that the United States to train, so that I have a full range of improvement, with a higher level of competition, for me is a great improvement." According to Wu Guanxi introduction, he was in the United States and the team ran in a good person, his English can also try to communicate with the coach and teammates." (Wu?)