28Olympic champion Liu Hong won the respect and gratitude moved home 600 thousand rewards|Olympic champion Liu Hong won the respect and gratitude moved home 600 thousand rewards4

Olympic champion Liu Hong won the award 600 thousand hometown moved and grateful to Liu Hong bluntly awards 600 thousand Shenzhen evening news (reporter Liu Danqing Intern Yang Shengjun) yesterday, the Olympic champion Liu Hong meeting will be held in the Futian District building, this petite girl has huge energy back to the "home" Futian. Fukuda district Party committee secretary Xiao Yafei, deputy secretary of the Party committee, on behalf of the district leadership has grown Synutra hospitality, and on behalf of the district government 600 thousand yuan reward Liu Hong. At the Rio Olympics, Liu Hong won the champion of the women’s 20 kilometer race, to achieve personal career Grand slam. At the meeting, Liu Hong expressed his two emotions: moved and grateful. She said, along the way, he has been the home of the people of all walks of life support, whether it is success or failure, are feeling the warmth of her Fukuda brought. At the same time, she is also very grateful to Fukuda provides a very good training environment, so that they have a solid foundation for the steady rise in the national team has laid a solid foundation. "Following the Beijing world championship, Liu Hong once again on behalf of Chinese stood in the walking race of the world’s highest podium, this is the ‘Grand Slam Liu Hong personal occupation career." At the meeting, deputy secretary, Futian District on behalf of the District high Shengyuan congratulations words. He said that Liu Hong has achieved new breakthroughs in Chinese walking, creating a new history of Chinese walking, showing the Futian athletes style to the world, hope to follow the example of Liu Hong region, efforts to promote the development of sports undertakings in Futian district.