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28 weeks of fetal cardiac surgery   in Mommy’s tummy; Department of the first channel – Hebei – people.com.cn original title: baby belly still can do heart surgery in children are still in the womb, can do cardiac interventional therapy? Yesterday (October 13th), the reporter learned from Guangdong General Hospital, the hospital successfully carried out the first case of fetal heart disease in utero interventional treatment operation. Do not give up, mother seeking "life" hope Ms. Xie is a university teacher, 2 years old son of the family, smart and lovely. After the formal landing of the two child policy in Guangdong, Ms. Xie conceived a second child in March this year. 21 week ultrasound check results came out, the doctor told her that if the pregnancy continues, the risk of a child two chambers of the heart will be developed into a ventricle, even after surgery may also fail to completely cure effect, the doctor advised to give up the baby, Ms. Xie can be reluctant to give up. Later, Ms. Xie came to Guangdong General Hospital outpatient heart institute, director of maternal fetal medicine, heart micro details in Pan Xie and eager to leave the children’s wishes after cardiac surgery, obstetrics and the expert consultation, decided to take direct to the pregnant women were abdominal fetal cardiac interventional therapy. After consultation between Chinese and Austria experts, it was decided that the fetus should be operated at the gestational age of 28 weeks in order to save the right ventricle of fetal development as soon as possible. Austria experts flew to Guangzhou, together with provincial medical experts to complete the first case of fetal heart interventional treatment in china. Not discouraged, the two surgery challenge success, September 21st morning, surgery began. Because of the fetal intercostal space is very narrow, the puncture needle repeatedly blocked by ribs, after adjusting the ultrasonic probe position and the puncture angle, finally successful puncture needle into the right ventricle to the fetus, when entering the most critical step in preparing balloon, something unexpected happened: the fetal heart rate suddenly slowed down, shrinkage cut. The operation team immediately stopped fetal heart interventional treatment, and carried out the necessary drug intervention on the fetal heart beat, so that the fetal heart beat was restored. In the morning of September 22nd, the operation went on again. The first experience, the puncture needle is smooth, accurate puncture into the right ventricle of the fetus, the balloon catheter through the pulmonary valve atresia near, open pulmonary valve, repeated 2 times of expansion, in the ultrasonic detection instrument can clearly see the "life blood" to the pulmonary artery. On the fourth day after the operation, Ms. Xie recovered well without any complications. The fetal heart rate was also very good, and the weight gain was obvious. Before the birth date, she will cooperate with the provincial medical experts to continue to observe fetal growth and development of fetal right ventricular development. (reporter trainee reporter Sun Xiaopeng Tian Guidan correspondent Zhang Danna Jin Ting) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian) 28周胎儿在妈妈肚里进行心脏手术 系全国首例–河北频道–人民网 原标题:宝宝还在肚里也能做心脏手术   孩子还在母亲肚子里,就能做心脏介入治疗?昨日(10月13日)记者从广东省人民医院了解到,该院成功开展了全国首例胎儿心脏病宫内介入治疗手术。   不放弃,妈妈寻求“生”希望   谢女士是一名高校的教师,家中2岁多的儿子聪明可爱。广东省正式落地全面二孩政策后,谢女士今年3月如愿怀上第二胎。可21周产检的超声检查结果出来后,医生告诉她,如果妊娠继续下去,孩子心脏的两个心室将发育变成一个心室的风险,即使生后手术也可能达不到完全治愈的效果,医生建议放弃这个宝宝,可谢女士不愿轻易放弃。   之后,谢女士来到广东省人民医院心研所门诊,心脏母胎医学科主任潘微在了解谢女士的详细情况和迫切想留下孩子的意愿后,经与心外科、产科专家会诊,决定采取直接对孕妇腹内胎儿进行心脏介入治疗。经过中国和奥地利专家的商议,为尽早挽救胎儿发育不良的右心室,决定胎儿28孕周时进行手术。奥地利专家飞到广州,与省医专家们一起完成国内首例胎儿心脏介入治疗。   不泄气,二次手术挑战终成功   9月21日早上,手术开始。由于胎儿的肋间隙非常窄,穿刺针多次被肋骨所阻挡,经过调整超声探头的位置和进针的角度,穿刺针终于成功进入胎儿右心室,当进入到最关键一步准备放入球囊进行扩张时,意想不到的事情发生了:胎儿心率突然明显减慢,收缩幅度减弱。手术团队马上停止胎儿心脏介入治疗,对胎儿的心跳进行了必要的药物干预,使胎儿心跳得到恢复。   9月22日早上,手术再次进行。有了第一次的经验,这次穿刺针十分顺利,准确地穿刺到胎儿的右心室,球囊导管穿过近闭锁的肺动脉瓣,开放了肺动脉瓣膜,反复扩张2次,在超声检测仪可清晰看到“生命之血”成功流向肺动脉。   术后第4天,谢女士恢复良好,没有发生任何并发症,胎儿心跳也很好,体重增加明显。预产期前,她将配合省医专家继续观察胎儿的生长发育和胎儿右心室的发育状况。(见习记者孙小鹏 记者田桂丹 通讯员张丹娜 靳婷) (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: