2711.11 in addition to these high-performance iPhone strong domestic machine is worth buying – Sohu Te|11.11 in addition to these high-performance iPhone strong domestic machine is worth buying – Sohu Te2

11.11 in addition to these high-performance iPhone strong domestic machine is worth buying – Sohu science and technology this year to the autumn and winter, the major manufacturers began a vigorous mobile phone war. From the only black technology full of millet, now selling over a million HUAWEI Mate 9. Various manufacturers have released their own spirit to strive to, the brightest (NIU) eye (BI) flagship machine! If you only pay attention to iPhone, my friend, I can only say that you miss too much. Today I’ll give you check, 2016 to buy 5 new domestic machine, except the yen value outstanding, comprehensive performance is awesome, it’s time to upgrade your mobile phone, be sure to see the end of the paper, there are high benefits you get! No.1, M1 series with hammer hammer, but the mobile phone in the world of feelings on behalf of. They may not be the best arrangement for industrial design, but the design is unique in every respect. This also let Luo gathered a large number of loyal fans ~ this year’s new M series mobile phone hammer really old Luo earned tone. Finally catch up with the mainstream configuration, industrial design is still outstanding, with polished stainless steel and gold edge coffee leather version, appearance is very dazzling. Standard castrated version Xiaolong 821 plus the highest 6G RAM, let the hammer configuration no longer behind. It is also not caton! The color of the language explosion system and moving parts, also let a large hammer cheers, very excited after reading it if you! The M1 3050mAh and M1L 4080 mAh, but also to ensure adequate endurance. No.2, MIX millet millet MIX is really read countless very amazing fruit Jun a mobile phone. MIX uses the borderless design, not only on both sides, even the above border is gone! , screen accounted for 91.3%. The whole body of ceramic material, good let mobile phone of the low rate of terrible, but Rebs was made to sell · · · equipped with ceramic acoustic system, ultrasonic distance sensing and sinking type front camera, is the perfect solution to the shortage of "no" forehead. The configuration used standard flagship configuration, combined snapdragon processor 821 and the highest 6G RAM + 256 G ROM, let the mobile phone to ensure sufficient fluency. 4400 battery mAh plus QC 3 fast charging, it can ensure mobile phone battery life, out of time can be assured to play ~ but you want to grab it, you need points, do it! HUAWEI NO.3, HUAWEI Mate 9 but we made proud, independent research and development of kylin chip series, and Xiaolong to dry. This does not, the recently released HUAWEI mate 9 equipped with the kylin 960 processor, running more than 821 xiaolong. Give our homemade machine a breath. The ordinary version of the HUAWEI mate 9 uses a 5.9 oh