26Beasley it was very cold in Ji’nan as in Milwaukee is not easy to play in the CBA|Beasley it was very cold in Ji’nan as in Milwaukee is not easy to play in the CBA5

Beasley: it was very cold in Ji’nan as in Milwaukee to Beijing on October 9th to play in the CBA, who played for the Shanghai men’s basketball team Beasley, accepted the media interview. Beasley talked about his role in the CBA, as well as the feelings of life in China, he said, playing in CBA is not as easy as people think. Since 2008, Beasley has played 8 seasons in NBA and CBA. Before the start of this year’s training camp, the Rockets traded Beasley to the bucks. Last season, Beasley to CBA as a springboard to return to NBA, successfully joined the Rockets, but he did not think this is a big step in his career. Now in the Bucks, he also saw the steady development of hope in NBA. Beasley said, this is my five years, the first time to get a guaranteed contract, the key lies in how to ensure stability." The Bucks hope Beasley is quite deep, he will replace them with Ennis to the team. Bucks coach Kidd talked about Beasley said, "he can play multiple positions, but also have a good ability to score. He was able to help the team improve communication and he knew how to play well. He’s been to different places for years and it’s a great story. Beasley is able to share his amazing performances with the young players and let them know that only by working hard can they stay in the league." CBA League last season, Beasley averaged 31.9 points and 3.8 rebounds for the Shandong team assists, becoming the CBA regular season foreign aid MVP. Beasley compared his experience in Shandong and Shanghai, saying the two are different. Beasley said, Shandong has a population of 91 million, is a large population, but Ji’nan is not so big. Ji’nan, like Milwaukee, have some cold, Shanghai is more like New York." During the period of Beasley in CBA, having data very gorgeous game, including in the all star game scored 63 points and 19 rebounds. But Beasley said that playing in CBA is not as easy as people think, "my wife and son are staying in the apartment, which is not normal. When the sun rises in the morning, you have to get up and try to do what you should do, and you don’t have to worry about what will happen in the future." Beasley returned to the NBA for the Rockets in March after the same remarkable performance. Beasley for the Rockets 20 games, averaging 12.8 points and 4.9 rebounds. Beasley in the playoffs for the Rockets 5 games, averaging 10.4 points in the playoffs, the first round of the playoffs will be eliminated warriors missed promotion. Beasley said, I am working hard for the team, my attitude has not changed, but did not get the desired salary. Although I go back to NBA, I don’t know if I can stay here forever." Beasley on the field with his overall style, rushing and scoring skills, there are three ball skill hand good, it will also make the Bucks play more. The Bucks beat the Bulls game, he hit 2 Beasley three pointers table)