25Sichuan, Panzhihua was hit by heavy rains caused 10 deaths and 6 people lost contact|Sichuan, Panzhihua was hit by heavy rains caused 10 deaths and 6 people lost contact0

Sichuan Panzhihua torrential rain killed 10 people and 6 people lost contact – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu (reporter Hu Xu) in September 19, September 18th 8 to 19, 10, Sichuan city of Panzhihua province has strong rainstorm process, Renhe District Town, Renhe Town, Wu Ben Xiang and East Silver Town etc. The more severely affected areas, has caused 10 deaths, 6 people lost contact. It is reported that the rainstorm process in the city has 8 monitoring points rainfall of 100 mm or more, mainly distributed in the East and Renhe District, the water reservoir monitoring points in Renhe District rainfall reached 236.2 mm. The city a number of counties in large area landslides, landslides, landslides, flash floods and other natural disasters, some local highway tunnel collapse, blocking the road, destroyed houses. Up to now, torrential rain disaster has caused 10 deaths, 6 people lost contact. Of which: 7 people died (by Tian Zhen Yao Cun Yin Han Jing ural group of houses were buried, 2 people to death) death (back to the village Belle plain town clam group of villagers Huang Xiuying washed out of death, three winding village salad group of villagers Qi Guifen due to the collapse of the wall was dead) 1 people dead, Wu Ben Xiang (village pass pass group of villagers Li Xuefen for retaining wall collapse); at the same time, the four death was Yinjiang agency town of Panzhihua village 3 people lost contact, town lost 3 people. Property loss, Renhe district service the rural primary and middle school is debris damage, no casualties. Ground pine dam town of Guanyin, Gushan Ping Tang dam Belle, no casualties. Town Village ural Silver Factory Jing group landslides, houses were buried. This service, general, LA area power outage. Eastern Bank town of Panzhihua village four Liuhuanggou 4 houses collapsed. Yanbian County affected 5 townships, 106 people evacuated; crops affected area of 223.4 hectares, 221.2 hectares of inundated area, an area of 3.53 hectares of crops; 9 houses collapsed. Miyi County town of 6 villages were affected, the affected people relocated to 5 people. Road danger, as at 19 o’clock, when the national trunk G108, S214, S216, S310 line multiple dangerous situations, according to incomplete statistics, has caused landslides along the highway 86 place in the 11. Reporters learned that, according to the provisions of the local immediately launched the corresponding level of disaster prevention and mitigation emergency response. At the same time, the county district and municipal departments are to strengthen geological disaster area and production safety investigation work, especially on the reservoir and in the construction of tailings, dump, slag field, bridges, coal gangue and other key areas of field monitoring and troubleshooting, to prevent secondary geological disasters.