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Always feel good because it has not met TA there is a "people’s home" magical creatures! Other people’s children, what are your fancies of men of letters, in his mother’s eyes is charging calls to send; someone’s boyfriend considerate, unlike you only a "drink plenty of hot water"; another teacher Yan burst table values, your teacher planning focus is drawn a whole text book. Cup with! Want to get out of the shadow of someone else’s house? Do not want to be "someone else’s house" to go down? Don’t struggle, Haidian betterlife Audi, give you a "someone else’s car"! The new Audi Q3, yellow limited edition and then lift the color revolution, if a car can define your character color, who gave it. "Someone else’s car" is only one step away from you! Now to buy Audi Haidian betterlife yellow Limited Edition Audi Q3 models, namely the capital to enjoy the most favorable price! Another zero interest rate car program, let you worry free month, buy bags at ease. Replacement car purchase 4000 yuan in cash. Civil servants to enjoy the big customer buy policy. Never mind, no Beijing card, only 699 yuan per month, Beijing card easily! Welfare does not wait, heart action! The goddess, is not popular trend leading to drift. Basic section of the package, the basic section of the shoes, the basic set of how you can define the! The goddess Janine Chang was conquered by it. What are you waiting for? The negative and decadent swept away, to be the man. In August 27th 14:00 Haidian betterlife Audi, together with the new Audi Q3, with yellow color limited edition, is now! Registration: Registration: 1, WeChat "Audi Haidian betterlife", and "your name + mobile phone number + intention models in WeChat and micro-blog; 2 Registration:" Beijing betterlife Haidian Audi ", and" your name + mobile phone number + intention model "in a private letter, 3; call 400-818-7908 or enroll in 010-56679888. Other people’s cars, stronger power! Equipped with 2.0TFSI® engine maximum power of up to 162kW, maximum torque of 350Nm, 100 km acceleration of only 6.7 seconds, so that you can in any road to a strong power, efficient performance of the road ahead. Other people’s cars, more energy saving! The new Audi Q3 using the new LED headlamps, light color close to the sun, low energy consumption, long service life, but also to ensure high safety. Other people’s cars, more intelligent! The new Audi Q3 equipped with intelligent parking assist system, calculate the ideal parking and parking spaces. By pressing the intelligent parking assist system button, the system can automatically complete the parking, the driver only needs to control the throttle and brake to complete the easy parking. Other people’s cars, more technology! The new Audi Q3 equipped with MMI® multimedia interactive system will be 7 inches high definition color display in the center of the console, so that the image is more clear at the same time to achieve 3D navigation and multimedia entertainment. Let your journey from the boring insulation. Beijing baideli international trading company sales hotline: 400-818-7908 or 010