25A middle-aged man had 9 birthday. Kan|A middle-aged man had 9 birthday. Kan5

A middle-aged man had 9 birthday. China Kan had a saying: "women forty tofu, forty men a flower", said the woman is at the age of forty is not worth the money, the forty men is the spring has just begun, however, want to do the "flower", but to look at your body the hardware condition is not strong. A middle-aged man had 9 birthday of life 1, "kan clever" according to the survey, in the 30 year old man, more than 70% people do not know the reasons for hair loss; 10% of people think that is excessive oil secretion; 10% of people think that is genetic; 10% of people think that is tired. In fact, the largest proportion of hair loss in depressed men, so that we must maintain a happy mood, good mood, natural hair is also lush. 2, the forty men look to success, but the price is heavy, dry eye already waiting for them. From a medical point of view, looking at the computer, blink less often in virtually every minute, by blink 20 ~ 25 times, reduced to 5 ~ 10 times, also reduced tear secretion. Leading to eye discomfort, and even eye disease. Therefore, a successful career, "electric eye" is very important, must take good care of. 3, the busy and fragile heart, whether it is an investigation, or clinical practice, the incidence of male heart disease is higher than that of women, due to sudden death of heart disease event is more than male female. Experts suggest that the heart is a whole body dynamic system, so the ECG will be checked every year, it can screen out the vast majority of heart disease, eliminate hidden dangers. 4, lungs seem a bit "black" began to cough up, right? The teeth become yellow, right? Don’t ignore the obvious signs of lung disease! Smoking, breathing polluted air, will increase the workload of the lungs, if the load can not be sent to the hospital. So, if you want to refresh, stop smoking, get out of the office, a turn out, wake up the brain. 5, beer belly, for many years now, most of the forty year old man, had quite a big belly. Experts advise, fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood lipids and other diseases are high incidence of fat people. If you want to maintain their youth, spend the same day, must not say to the beer belly. 6, Frigidity cold men, mostly because of mental stress is too large, fatigue causes the body weak". The best prescription is rest, a good rest, the brain will be in a state of excitement. Secondly, 1 hours a day of aerobic exercise, will allow the body to regain the energy of the body, get plenty of energy. 7 forty year old man, the man’s stomach may be to patronize the stomach with gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric bleeding, symptoms of stomach discomfort, pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting and so on. This age man has all Chibian picky table delicacies from land and sea, the taste also has formed. Big and small problems on the stomach also began to become old problems. Stomach disease has always been a stubborn disease, it is difficult to cure, only diet, plus a small dose of adjuvant medication. A forty year old man, not to overeat, abandoned at the expense of the stomach. 8, suffering from)