23South Korea comfort women campaign to promote the maturity of society itself|South Korea comfort women campaign to promote the maturity of society itself1

Korean "comfort women" movement to promote the society itself mature [Abstract] have reviled this is humiliating "Eulsa treaty", some people think that this is just out of Japan in 1995 a stirring among the dry bones of the national fund. I am a witness: from Yin Zhenyu to the post-war Japanese comfort women issue has been the world’s attention, but in fact, nearly 20 years since. As early as 1973, Japanese Chida Natsumitsu’s "comfort women" had come out, and to the last century until 80s, South Korea’s novels, movies, research works also sporadic mentioned this problem, but did not cause people’s attention. After the war, the Korean society was under military dictatorship for a long time, and the society did not open to the stage of openly talking about "sex". In this way, the problem is almost silent for 30 years. However, silence does not necessarily mean forgetting. In the past 30 years, there is a person always feel doubt. She is Professor Yin Zhenyu of Ewha Womans University. Yin Zhenyu was born in the colonial period. In 1943, she enrolled in the school (the predecessor of Ewha Womans University Ewha, hereinafter referred to as "Ewha women") family department. That year, she was seventeen years old. At the time of the Korean unmarried women with "industrious volunteer team" in the name of Japanese imperialism to mobilize a large number of munitions factories, front period. One day in November, a group of Japanese Ewha women came to college, give each student a table, without any explanation, let them sign. The school teacher also encouraged students to follow the instructions. Thanks to Yin Zhenyu’s parents learned that the inside second days earlier, immediately let her drop out, which makes her out of this. Although Yin Zhenyu survived, but her heart has always been tough to move to the Japanese buddies. After the liberation, she inquired to those who volunteer corps were mobilized to name the students’s whereabouts, so she is puzzled, the boys are back, but the girls disappear without a trace. At that time, Yin Zhenyu spent a week, every day to Seoul train station, everyone knows the whereabouts of his women’s team. In her sichanlanda, only gradually pumped the girls are sent to the comfort women, in the. The so-called "industrious volunteer team", although nominally claimed to be "hardworking", as in labor, but then a lot of North Korean girl is the name of the abduction finally fell into the past, as the Japanese "comfort women". Yin Zhenyu learned the truth, scared more, more is for those who have been the Japanese ravaged female compatriots guilty. A Ewha women Professor, Yin Zhenyu will be a guilty of this responsibility, continue to collect information, wait for those unfortunate buddies clear. In 1980s, along with the process of democratization, the women’s rights movement in South Korea stepped up to a new level. Sex trafficking, sexual violence, gender equality has become the focus topic of feminism. Especially the Korean church Women Federation strongly criticized the Pu Zhengxi administration launched "maichun sightseeing" (Tourism), mainly in Japan, and joked that male tourists mainly "maichun tourism" is a modern version of the "comfort women" system. Aimed at the US army.