22Ancelotti Neymar Messi Ronaldo can take over the other 1 in the Juventus sports Sohu|Ancelotti Neymar Messi Ronaldo can take over the other 1 in the Juventus sports Sohu7

Ancelotti: Neymar Messi C Ronaldo can take over the other 1 in the Juventus Sports: Ancelotti Sohu less +1 people can take over Messi C   Messi and C Lo era is not over, but sooner or later the end of Argentina, born in 1987, 29 years old this year, C Luo was born in 1985, this year has been at the age of 31, the two stars one day will be replaced by the new king — so, who will become their heir? Bayern coach Ancelotti gave his answer: Neymar and Dibala. Neymar Ancelotti was optimistic about not surprising, after all, the Brazilian debut was when it was called the new Bailey, although only 24 years old, but has harvested 227 grain club goals and 49 international goal in the world, in addition to any club Barcelona and Real Madrid will be doing my number one star, Barcelona why spend money to buy him, that is to let him do a successor to Messi. But Ancelotti was appointed Dibala is somewhat beyond all expectations. The 22 year old Argentina youth, who moved from Palermo to Juventus in the summer of 2015, scored his first goal for the last 46 games of the season, scoring an average of 11 goals for the last time in the season for the first time in the season, with a total of 23 goals for the season. "In the next 10 years, he will create his history at juventus." Ancelotti said, he is unique, I have never seen him this type of player, you can not compare him with any other player, he and Neymar will become the successor of Messi and C ronaldo." This summer, Barcelona Dibala has become a takeover target, which opened up to 90 million euros offer for him, but was refused to juventus. "I am very grateful to the club for the decision, because it means that they have confidence in me, this is an amazing offer, it is difficult to reject such an offer." Baala said. The latest news from Madrid is Real Madrid will also be listed as the first choice in the transfer market, and is ready to offer him 100 million euros. Compared to Barcelona, Real Madrid Dibala obviously more urgent demand for some, after all, C Ronaldo has over thirty years, while Baer and Benzema are not too young. But if Bernabeu can get the super striker, so even if Messi and C Ronaldo competition because they are old and faded, and Neymar Dibala also took their guns, to a new chapter with Real Madrid VS barcelona. () ()