21Chinese media Japan should abolish the system of foreign trainees reasonable introduction of labor|Chinese media Japan should abolish the system of foreign trainees reasonable introduction of labor9

Chinese media: Japan should abolish the foreign trainees system reasonable introduction of new labor – Chinese overseas network network on 12 September, Japan Xinhua China press recently published a review article "Japan should be abolished as soon as possible foreign trainees system", analysis of various defects caused by the system of Japanese foreign trainees, calls for the establishment of a reasonable introduction of foreign labor simple system, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of foreign workers. Article excerpts are as follows: Recently, the International Olympic Committee was evaluated as "special" Olympic Games in Rio in the beautiful fireworks came to an end. Tokyo 8 minutes can be described as amazing. However, if Japan does not abolish a wide range of domestic and international criticism of the system, I am afraid it will seriously affect the international image of japan. This is Japan’s foreign trainees system". Japan’s foreign trainees system began in 1993. On the surface, the system is responsible for the economic development in developing countries that cultivate talent for the purpose of. However, most of the situation is the use of the system of Japanese enterprises in the name of trainees, access to cheap labor overseas. Up to now, more than and 20 years ago, the drawbacks of this system highlights a large number of trainees legitimate labor rights and interests and even life safety are not guaranteed by the strong criticism from all walks of life at home and abroad. In Japan, the aging of the population has gradually deepened, the situation of labor shortage, Japan should abolish the system of graduate students as soon as possible. First of all, Japan’s "trainee system" has become a hotbed for Japanese enterprises to squeeze foreign workers". In August 16th, the latest data released by the health ministry showed that in 2015, Japan’s Labor Bureau and labor standards inspection office to accept 5173 trainees of enterprise inside supervision. Found that there are 3695 companies in excess of the statutory time of labor and non payment of wages and other violations of the relevant labor standards act, accounting for more than 7 of the total. The data hit a record high since 2003. Even if the illegal business guidance is not improved, due to the occurrence of death accident in the enterprise is the submission of the number has reached about 1.8 times a year, to 46. This data also hit a record high since 2003. There are a lot of bad examples. For example, business operators produce false wage record deal with the supervision and guidance, did not pay overtime, let trainees without obtaining qualified cases caused the death of driving forklift. Secondly, a large number of foreign workers for "trainee system", the legitimate rights and interests of labor and life safety can not be guaranteed, dangerous situation. Jitco (JITCO) released statistics show that the Japanese government began 1993 year into the research system to expand acceptance of trainees, the number of accidents increases, the year 2013 to 1109. The 2013 year of the accident occurred in the nationality of trainees in asia. Specifically, China is 705 people, up to. Vietnam is 156 people, Indonesia for the people of, Philippines for the 86. Third, the training system is not conducive to the introduction of foreign labor force in japan. Over 65 years old population in Japan