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Suffered telecommunications fraud   the two ladies had cheated — Finance — people.com.cn in June last year, Zhao bought two tickets for the concert in Yongle ticketing online, let her think that, since then the nightmare. After the concert the day after, she suddenly received a claim to Yongle ticketing network telephone staff, then she was cheated 5.8 yuan. Although it has been filed, but until today, the money is not cheated back. A liar can tell the exact information although cheated more than a year, but Ms. Zhao recalled that still brood on. She said, in June 16, 2015, she passed the Yongle ticketing network bought two tickets. Tickets successfully delivered, the performance is also very exciting. But after the show in July 7th, she suddenly received a call from a southern accent man on the phone, claiming to be the Yongle ticketing network staff. Ms. Zhao also had doubts, but to see the incoming call number is Yongle 400 customer service calls, Ms. Zhao no doubt. Call the man to accurately say Zhao’s ticket information, as well as her name, address, etc.. Subsequently, the man said, due to operational errors, he mistakenly put Zhao’s account into a wholesale business account, will be deducted 500 yuan per month. If you don’t want to Miss Zhao to get the money, we must meet that man’s steps to operate mobile phone banking software. Two hours cheated 58000 yuan up to now, Ms. Zhao think, it is a very simple Telecom fraud. But at that time, because the liar to accurately tell her ticket information, her brain has been chaotic. Next, just like all telecommunications fraud, Ms. Zhao listen to the phone that another man claiming to be the bank staff instructions, in more than two hours, a total of 58 thousand yuan turned over in the past. Wait until Ms. Zhao realized that he was cheated, and then give the other party to leave the phone number to call to question, the other party has not admitted. Even, the other is to laugh, that is a kind of deception after succeed proud. Next, Zhao reported to the police. The public security department into custody, according to the investigation of fraud cases. Let Zhao dumbfounding is that last July 15th that day, she is to assist the public security departments for investigation, also received the same number of a telephone, the same story all over again. Eyeing a liar ticketing website reporter noted that last year the Yongle ticketing network once in micro-blog prompts users to be vigilant, don’t be cheated. For the disclosure of users booking information about Yongle ticketing when the reply said fraudsters were trying to hit the library system. Ms. Zhao also told the Yongle ticketing for saying, but was refused, let her continue to find the police, or take legal proceedings. Reporter survey found that Zhao and have the same experience there are a lot of people. They all write their own experiences on the Internet, even fraud tricks, like rhetoric. In July this year, another ticket website also occurred because of barley net hit the library leaked user information, 39 users cheated more than 1 million yuan case, and this case is very similar to the Yongle ticketing network. However, barley network has cheated money paid in advance to the user. Well)