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The 2016 cross-strait family education forum held in Fuzhou – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in September 13, (Lin Chunyin) 13, sponsored by the China Institute of family education and the women’s Federation of Fujian Province, Fuzhou city women’s Federation hosted the 2016 cross-strait family education forum held in Fuzhou. Figure for the Fujian provincial women’s Federation President Wu Hongqin speech. Lv Ming, former vice chairman of the National Women’s Federation. China family education institute executive vice president Zhao Donghua, chairman of the Fujian provincial women’s Federation party secretary, Wu Hongqin, vice mayor of Fuzhou Yan Keshi and other leaders attended the forum. The Forum on "modern family education and the development of Chinese excellent traditional culture heritage" theme, highlighting the experience of interaction, invited China Family Education Institute Vice President, former vice president of Tsinghua University professor Xie Weihe, Beijing Normal University professor Chen Jianxiang director of the community and family education research center of Taiwan University of Chiayi and former president Professor Wang Yiren three tutor experts keynote speech five, and arranged on both sides of the family educators and parents on-site interviews. Experts and scholars across the Taiwan Strait in the field of family education conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges, participants have expressed a lot of benefits. Zhao Donghua said that the family tradition tutor condenses wisdom of Chinese traditional culture, the core value and the essence of Chinese traditional culture spirit. In the new historical period will be excellent the essence of traditional culture into modern family culture and family education spirit resources, we need to broaden the view of history and culture, to inherit and development, in practice level, to draw nutrition from the excellent traditional family in the treasure house of Chinese culture. Zhao Donghua said that in recent years, academic exchanges in the fields of family education across the Strait gradually increased and expanded the scope of cooperation, the forum set up a long-term platform for cross-strait heritage of Chinese traditional culture, promote the development of modern family education, will further enhance the cross-strait to adhere to the Chinese culture of Chinese culture and the inheritance of genes, will be further enhanced the high degree of recognition to carry forward and promote modern family education for the development of Chinese traditional culture. In his speech, Wu Hongqin put forward three hopes. One is the theme of cross-strait women and families to grasp China dream, carry forward the glorious tradition of patriotic love, cohesion positive energy build Chinese dream; two is the common heritage of Chinese traditional culture, cultivate a good era of family tradition; three is jointly promote the depth of integration of both sides of the family, compatriots on both sides to promote national identity. Wu Hongqin said, is willing to co culture based on blood and make full use of the unique resources of Fujian in the family construction, strengthen the research on the interaction with the Taiwan women’s groups, strengthen the exchange of views, exchange of ideas and personnel exchanges, promote women’s organizations, industry groups and township "four docking", share experience in family education family, inheritance, family development, inheriting the good family tradition, family solidarity, build a happy home for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations communication family good voice. The picture shows the former president of the University of Chiayi, Professor Wang Yiren delivered a speech in Taiwan. Photo by Lv Ming in recent years, the Fujian provincial women’s Federation uphold the cross a pro concept, the implementation of the "10000 Women", prominent women and family perspective, do)相关的主题文章: