19The hand piece Austria fat speech ridicule Yao Ming sharks want to partner Kobe – Sports Sohu|The hand piece Austria fat speech ridicule Yao Ming sharks want to partner Kobe – Sports Sohu2

The hand piece Austria fat speech ridicule Yao Ming shark most want to partner Kobe – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 10th, the 2016 annual NBA Basketball Hall of fame award ceremony, the "little giant" Yao Ming, "the shark" O’neal and Iverson "the answer" together selected, on the podium after O’neal with his unique humorous ridicule Yao Ming English level. Yao Ming is not the United States show champion, so his English level was once a lot of doubts, especially with a professional translation when the Rockets for the "little giant", which made Yao Ming outside the English level have been questioned. O’neal said that for a long time he did not communicate with Yao Ming, because he believes that the level of communication in English, Yao Ming, there are still some obstacles in communication. Until one time, when Yao Ming completed a beautiful fadeaways under O’neal’s defense, and Yao Ming’s gorgeous pace reminds O’neal of "dream" Olajuwon, O’neal finally could not help but praise said: "Hey, Yao, good pace!" Then Yao Ming answered immediately, "thank you, buddy!" O’neal said, "wait, wait, can you speak English?" Yao Ming said: "Hey, Shaq, of course I can speak English, because you never talk to me." "This statement makes the shark" under the field of the guests all laugh, even this small giant Yao Ming is helpless wry smile. Then, O’neal made a face, and said: "his mother", to sigh at that time is really stupid. It is this simple dialogue after the game, so that O’neal for the English level of Yao Ming completely changed. In his speech, O’neal also talked about his most eager teammates. After all, O’neal occupation career only a "three consecutive" in the Losangeles Lakers, and his teammate Kobe Bryant has become a superstar, but O’neal most want to team mate is not "pan". O’neal said: "if I had to choose a partner for a player, it would be AI (Iverson)." The reason for the choice of the "answer" Iverson, O’neal added: "that year, our playoff record is 15 wins and 1 losses, which is a lot of people know, all things The imprint is engraved on my heart. (Iverson), if he is not that a leap tyronn Lue shot, we will become a champion the most powerful team in history. Of course, 15 wins and 1 negative record has made a lot of people out of reach, until last season, Jinzhou warriors, they really make me a little nervous." (Luan Taiwan)