18NBA players generally contradict Trump Paul it is difficult to explain to the family (video)|NBA players generally contradict Trump Paul it is difficult to explain to the family (video)2

NBA player Trump Paul: widespread conflict is difficult to explain to the family to join JR James canvassing for Hilary Ohio people cheering news November 10th (Sports placards Tencent Ian Begley, ESPN senior writer) the United States in 2016 election, Trump defeated Hilary, was elected the forty-fifth president of the United states. In addition to the already retired NBA star Denis – Rodman is Trump’s loyal fans, NBA players are generally the most inconsistent with the new American president. NBA players generally resist Trump Anthony said he had been prepared for the election of Trump, but he did not know how to talk to their children about it. "How to say? How to start this conversation?" Anthony is a bit confused, but I am very clear that, no matter what kind of leader of our people, we must continue to work hard to set an example for their children. We need to rely on ourselves, not a system or someone." One family has always been concerned about the politics of the Clippers players Paul and his watch together with the American election broadcast, although the 7 year old son CP4 has been on the U.S. presidential election has a certain understanding, but Paul also said it is difficult to explain to the children that Trump as the next president of the United states. "A little hard, you know what I mean?" Paul said, but this is part of the United States, we have the freedom to vote, such a thing will happen, we have to continue to move forward." As disappointed as Paul, and his teammate, Crawford, said the results were "like a train accident (as rare as that)". As early as the results of the election, Crawford said in the social media: "it is best not to let this guy win……" Trump confirmed that after he was elected president, Crawford continues to update the social media: "I’m really scared here and have to pray for a longer time tonight." Prior to this, the Celtics’ little Thomas has forwarded the tweets of Crawford, wrote: "I do not want him to win!" For Trump’s final election, little Thomas had to say: "this is a very difficult night, I hope he will be a good president, I would like to say that these." The Raptors players are standing in the opposite of Trump. DeRozan said: "this is a joke." Lori also said: "this is not my decision, but the athletes, especially American athletes must make their voices heard, we have children, there are a lot of fans to express their views, let more people understand that this is not what a bad thing." Patrick – Paterson immediately wrote on Twitter: dual nationality 100 points!" It is clear that he is proud of being a member of other nationalities. West, who is the vanguard of the warriors, believes the election results are "disturbing."". The heat of the striker Haslem, but also from the beginning of the general election publicly opposed to Trump. "I was shocked," he told reporters after the election results were announced!" But he did not like Paterson to change the idea of citizenship, but said: "I still think that the United States is the best country in the world, I do not go anywhere, I am an American, I am proud of this.