18Beijing, a new round of fog and haze to visit the northern region of 18 is now light rain – China Ne|Beijing, a new round of fog and haze to visit the northern region of 18 is now light rain – China Ne8

Beijing, a new round of fog and haze to the North 18 days of rain is now – Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) in the haze of the gap, the capital embraced the pure blue sky. The good news is that today is a continuation of the blue sky, the bad news is that she can’t stay too long in the capital, haze will still be replaced, we should pay close attention to your blue eyes! Yesterday, the blue sky let people in the city have a happy holiday, thanks to the power of the north wind, especially the six or seven gust, the pollutant was particularly thorough cleaning. With the wind weakened, while the good times don’t last long, the weather will turn to steady pattern. Yesterday, the sun is shining, winter sun in the body there is a practical sense of warmth. Recently, there is little sunshine in the capital, the sun can not be met. Through the clear sunshine, Yanqing station maximum temperature up to 13.5 DEG C, is the most recent warm day. Today is good weather, good visibility, the blue sky will be more colorful clouds. Unfortunately, the accumulation of pollutants and, in the silence soon, tonight slip diffusion conditions, slight to mild haze and to report, a new round of haze weather is coming, and it is ready to fight a "protracted war". Weather is expected 16 to 18 days, the humidity is more and more big, the haze from mild to moderate to severe, and at night fog. 18, there are light rain in the northern part of the region, the mountains for sleet. This round of simmering haze weather from the current point of view, the trend is more and more heavy, and lasts longer. Wait until about 19 days of cold air arrived, to a "reincarnation" like drive haze. Seeing the haze days would come again, the sun, breathe fresh air and hope, meteorological experts suggest that you buy some green plants in indoor, indoor air purifier is equivalent to the natural, such as Chlorophytum, Sansevieria, aloe, ivy, tequila etc..