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LEGO box into the building group said rectification within the assets will decline substantially exceed the standard LEGO box into the parent’s new building group called "rectification period of assets will decline substantially exceed the standard" LEGO box in front of the parent company PINTEC group company said in compliance One divides into two., existing assets exceed the standard layout, the rectification will be completed "investor" reporter Wang Yu "network information intermediary lending business activity management Interim Measures within 12 months" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures" ") has been released in full, in the face of a transitional period of 12 months, many net loan platform to accelerate the transformation. Or transformation exit, or upgrade the group stripped P2P business, or the transformation of consumer finance. Building blocks of each transformation has attracted the attention of the industry and investors. Recently, the building blocks of the former parent company PINTEC group is divided into two groups, namely PINTEC group and building blocks group. The building blocks are split into the new building blocks. The main reason was asked about the group split, Lego box told reporters "investor", "spin off compliance considerations, but the most direct reason is their own characteristics, based on different business clusters through restructuring, focused regression of entrepreneurial team." For the 12 months LEGO box compliance program "the proportion of assets currently exceed the standard platform decreased greatly in the 12 months of the rectification period, we will through small loans and other financial institutions to absorb credit can exceed the standard, completed within the stipulated time." Building blocks box so expressed. P2P from the beginning of 2013 to adjust the number of building blocks box was established in, positioned as a business, involving corporate loans, housing loans, car loans and other business operations. December 2015, the building blocks in the original focus on the basis of the P2P business, announced the transformation of the global intelligence integrated financial platform, investment products, including stocks, funds, fixed income finance, retail credit, etc.. June 2016 announced the establishment of the positioning of the smart financial services provider PINTEC group. Today, the box has a new building blocks of the parent company group. Specifically, PINTEC group will be split into JIMU system and PINTEC system. The former includes LEGO box (network lending), building, library, Fangcun cm era house, located in the inclusive financial services, focusing on the development of control technology in small and micro credit assets and wind, responsible for the PINTEC group of incumbent CEO Dong Jun; the latter includes byoyomi (smart credit), Xuanji (digital asset allocation, fund (Hong) the fund to sell), muffin insurance (insurance brokers), intelligent positioning in the financial field, focus on big data and financial technology research and development, responsible for the current COO Wei Wei group PINTEC. PINTEC group is divided by the reorganization of the "Interim Measures" impact? Reporters have been interpreted as, after years of exploration, the group has made considerable progress in inclusive financial services and intelligent financial services. But it must be noted that the direction of the development of these businesses, business models, user groups, regulatory and other aspects have different requirements, the future opportunities and challenges are also different, in order to prevent