15West giants escape suspected fraud sentenced lost 0-3 reversal prohibitively difficult|West giants escape suspected fraud sentenced lost 0-3 reversal prohibitively difficult8

West giants escape suspected fraud sentenced lost 0-3 reversal prohibitively difficult Nussle suffered heavy losses due to fraud source: football newspaper reporter Han Bing reported that the first leg away 3 to 0 victory over the Dubai Qatar army Nussle, almost directly to the final AFC Champions League xiyaqu, but because of the use of fake Asia outside the AFC to heavy penalties, overnight reverse Qiankun, but was sentenced to 0 to 3 lost. And because foreign identity fraud lost the first leg of the plum to open two degrees so that the Dubai striker Vandrayk, Nussle wants to comeback in the second leg of the home court, almost prohibitively difficult. The 27 year old vanderlei was born in Brazil, St Paul, from Cruzeiro began on the Pakistan arena, who played San Andrea, st and ETA flamenco Pakistan a team etc.. In the summer of 2011 to 2 million 500 thousand euros to join the Arab League Qatar, the Arab League in the season for the team scored 16 goals in 3. The 201415 season he moved to the UAE League, joined the Sharjah team. In the Sharjah team to the pinnacle of Wande radar occupation, the 2 consecutive season in the UAE League to score more than 15. This summer, vanderlei officially joined the Dubai Nussle. At that time, Dubai Nussle registered outside the sub qualification for Vandrayk, because the Brazilian passport has indonesia. However, in August 24th 14 AFC Champions League after the final first leg, vanderlei sub foreign qualification has been widely questioned. In August 31st, the Indonesian authorities issued a statement confirming vanderlei Indonesia passport forgery. The investigation results show that the Indonesian authorities, vanderlei has never been to Indonesia, Indonesian nationality does not meet the conditions, which is continuous in Indonesia for 5 years or a foregone conclusion, within 10 years continuously settled in indonesia. Indonesian officials have and survey results will be submitted to the AFC, the AFC announced in September 2nd, leaving vanderlei temporary suspension for 60 days, began to investigate his fake qualifications outside asia. At this time, the UAE has not yet opened the new season league. Although Indonesia’s official vanderlei to the "Indonesian passport" made the final judgment, Nussle, chairman of the board of directors Abmad Thayer still said that the club legal team has collected all the data, and appeal to the AFC punishment. The beginning of this year, the AFC qualification to outside scrutiny, it is reported that one of the only 3 vanderlei was the focus of the Asian players doubt. In view of the fact that vanderlei can not meet the long-term residence in Indonesia to obtain Indonesian national conditions, he must prove that he was born in Indonesia, one or both parents go back three generations with Indonesian descent. Unfortunately, in the AFC of vanderlei suspended for two weeks after vanderlei also failed to prove their ancestry in indonesia. Moreover, the UAE media reported vanderlei is the first effect of Indonesia UAE league players, which means that he is this summer to Indonesian nationality, and the investigation of Indonesian youth and sports minister ordered relevant departments to show this year, the Indonesian FA never request domestication was born in Brazil campey jonas. Moreover, Indonesia does not recognize dual nationality. There are signs that vanderlei is afraid to defy the law, Dubai club Nussle could not escape the suspicion of fraud joint. 1 other fields in West Asia, 1.