12Liu Qiangdong had 1 million dollars The Nobel Peace Prize winner charged the Jingdong|Liu Qiangdong had 1 million dollars The Nobel Peace Prize winner charged the Jingdong4

Liu Qiangdong had 1 million dollars? The winner of the Nobel peace prize to the Jingdong issued charges interface Lin Teng Grameen China volunteers, economist Wen Kejian witnessed between Jingdong and the Grameen Bank from close to the whole process of alienation. In 2014 November 24th, Liu Qiangdong Pro self signed wrote a letter to Yunus, invited him to come to preside over the upcoming Jingdong and the Grameen China breakfast. Liu Qiangdong also proposed in the letter, to discuss the integration of China’s Internet banking into the financial innovation, opportunities and challenges with Yunus. The Grameen Bank also called Grameen Bank, providing loans for rural poor people are unable to get traditional bank loans, small loans of financial institutions is the world’s largest and most successful operation. In 2006, the Grameen Bank and its founder Mohamed Yunus won the Nobel peace prize. In less than a month after the end of the message Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong held a grand conference in Beijing, I personally attend the meeting with Mr. Liu Qiangdong Yunus. In addition, the Jingdong also invited the famous economist Xu Xiaonian and Tang Min came to the scene, witnessed the field of cooperation between Jingdong and the Grameen China. December 17, 2014 this event has been widely reported by the Chinese and foreign media. At that meeting, the Jingdong and the Grameen China signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to discuss cooperation in various fields, to provide financial solutions for farmers. Although the so-called "strategic cooperation" retreat more, but according to the Grameen China charge high war memories, two days before the conference, Liu Qiangdong himself promised the Grameen China specific commitments a donation of $1 million. Show that in December 15, 2014 a confidential meeting memo news reporter obtained the interface, including Liu Qiangdong, Chen Shengqiang (Jingdong financial CEO), a number of Jingdong executives and high and had a meeting. Among them, the Grameen Chinese, plans to set up the board of directors, to raise at least $5 million start-up capital, funds can be derived from the board of directors and Council, the Grameen China will be way of social enterprise operation, equity investment funds to the form of injection, but do not pay dividends. To ensure the Grameen 50%+1 board seats. Liu Qiangdong said he would like to join the board, and promised to invest 1 million U.S. dollars as a director. The follow-up to raise funds by the Grameen Chinese board, the Great Wall will assist in raising in three months. As the primary duties of the directors is to play the leader influence, and to raise funds for the realization of the ideal of Grameen poverty alleviation. In addition, the meeting records also show that Jingdong and Grameen agreed to by the Grameen Chinese Jingdong and subsequent business contact, including through the Jingdong credit platform to raise funds, to the Jingdong group – Grameen China micro finance strategic cooperation framework memorandum based. However, the $1 million donation commitment does not have any written agreement. Gao told the interface news reporter, Liu Qiangdong was given the reason is that Jingdong is a listed company, the use of funds is strictly limited, so by his personal contribution