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The woman claiming to be the Malaysia rich woman Michelle Yeoh is the "aunt" – Beijing woman Yang his fiction is the Regal Malaysia women, Michelle Yeoh is the aunt, and rely on their own "gab" the victim Lee fooled head. Just a few months, Mr. Li was Yang cheated about 5000000 yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Yang was the city’s first court of First Instance sentenced to 14 years in prison for fraud. WeChat made "wealthy" female according to the prosecution allegations, Yang from November 2012 to March 2013, to the victim Mr. Lee his fiction is the Malaysia businessman granddaughter facts, and conceal their repayment ability, cheat Lee more than 530 yuan rmb. Prosecutors believe that Yang’s behavior constitutes a crime of fraud. The victim Lee said, by the end of 2012, he was in Chengdu by WeChat know a girl Yangxing, each claiming to be the people of Malaysia, in the German Consulate in Chinese. Lee introduced himself to do financial investment, Yang said he was also studying financial school, so that the two began to be familiar with each other. "She told me she was the granddaughter of Malaysia’s richest man, and Michelle Yeoh was her aunt. I do not believe, then she sent me the photo is a photo and celebrities, dignitaries, I believe." Mr. Li said that Yang also invited him to participate in an activity in Shanghai. Lee recalled that once Yang said his friends to celebrate his birthday, he bought a piece of Cartire in Shanghai and a gold necklace. After Yang returned to Beijing, Lee also sent her a lot of gifts. Pure flicker wantonly borrow money, however, since Yang back to Beijing, began to borrow money to Lee for various reasons. Mr. Li said, Yang gave him a call, said her mother and a wealthy Hongkong invested in a project in Hongkong, her money account, because the need to spend no time to go through Hongkong, I would like to ask Mr. Li to borrow 1 million yuan, Mr. Li without doubt that a section of the Department of. In early 2013, Yang also repeatedly borrow money from mr.. Until a friend reminded Mr. Lee, said Yang Yang day wear jewelry are false, began to arouse his suspicion. Mr. Lee woke stuffy find Yang confrontation, she and Mr. Li was rendered speechless, and taken to the police station. The court held that the defendant Yang’s behavior constituted fraud. The whole case, the court sentenced Yang sentenced to imprisonment for 14 years, deprived of political rights for 3 years and fined 14 thousand yuan. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu