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How to do mother milk shortage? Sohu – Zhong Liu Hongyu, Wella health light, No.306 Hospital of PLA, the amount of milk brand space city outpatient department quality management office editor Zuo Tianyu milk mother if insufficient, must adopt the method to increase the amount of milk milk. So, what exactly is a good way of milk? Mother’s milk should arrange proper daily life, don’t overwork, sleep should be sufficient; nutritious diet, drink some chicken soup, fish soup, pork ribs soup, fish soup or pig’s trotters soup; oral vitamins; also can be matched with the traditional Chinese and Western medicine or acupuncture treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Each feeding, let the baby sucking breast full side, then the other side sucking breast, until the waiver so far; the side breast next time after sucking, this alternating bilateral breast sucking, bilateral breast gets the same stimulus opportunity, which can promote breast milk secretion. In addition, according to the different causes of lack of milk, milk mother should also take different countermeasures: weakness: Tongru Dan postpartum less milk because of physical weakness, lack of the source of Qi and blood, or caused by blocked due to liver qi stagnation of milk run. Postpartum blood weak for postpartum less milk, or no milk, thin, soft breast pain, no swelling, pale light Bai Shaohua, spiritlessness eat less, pale tongue without fur. This can be used with Nourishing Qi under the guidance of a doctor, accompanied by traditional Chinese medicine Tongru role of Tongru Dan, 6 grams each time, 2 times a day, with pig’s trotters soup, or soup delivery service. Postpartum milk thin less, and even no milk, usually due to weak or postpartum recuperation is not good. Milk mother complexion pale in comparison, eating less, shortness of breath, weakness, and breast pain swelling. Should the blood tonic and increase nutrition method to prolactin. The 1 ~ 2 pig’s trotters stew to eat hoof, and decoction solution mixed with the same service. Qi and blood deficiency or not, can also be used to single rice 10 grams and pig’s trotters stew together, eat hoof soup. Also available on the 1 pig’s trotters stew, add tofu, onion root, rice wine 3 catty 50 ml with cooking. With brown sugar, rice wine boiled tofu consumption, but also have a certain effect. Liver qi stagnation: "milk powder springs" postpartum milk secretion of stagnation of liver Qi showed little or nothing, accompanied by chest fullness, breast pain, mood depressed, or have a fever, thin yellow tongue coating. This can be used with Shuganjieyu under the guidance of a doctor in medicine under the effect of Tongluo milk. With no milk: milk mother spleen and some loss of appetite, abdominal distension, thin stool, should use drugs with good curative effect to spleen. Taking the general curative effect of Six Gentlemen pill. And the mother milk, blood is not weak, but because of blood stasis caused by less milk, breast pain, chest tightness, chest fullness, hypochondriac pain, depressed, easy temper, should take measures to invigorate the circulation of Qi and blood tongru. Milk mother can also use the following methods to help you make the baby early start sucking. If conditions permit, the baby was born, he will hold to allow the baby to suck mother’s breast milk. After 20 to 30 minutes after birth, the sucking reflex is most intense. In the first hour after birth, most babies!