10Health literacy 66 (forty-five) the use of sanitary toilets in rural areas, the management of good a|Health literacy 66 (forty-five) the use of sanitary toilets in rural areas, the management of good a9

Health literacy is 66 (forty-five) the use of sanitary latrines, management of human and animal feces – Sohu health to promote the healthy Chinese construction, according to the "Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission on 2016" health Chinese theme "notice" requirements, China Academy of Medical Sciences cancer hospital official micro channel from July 11th to push "Chinese citizens health literacy – the basic knowledge and skills (2015 Edition)" (health literacy 66). Welcome to active reading, other content can choose to view the historical news. Toilet is a wall, a roof, toilet pits and tanks without leakage, the toilet clean, no maggots, no odor, fecal harmless treatment and timely cleaning. The utility model relates to a harmless sanitary toilet, which is a toilet which meets the basic requirements of sanitary toilets, and has the functions of harmless treatment of feces, and can regulate the management, use and maintenance. Fecal harmless treatment can effectively kill fecal pathogenic bacteria and parasites, infectious pathogens to lose, mosquito and fly maggot breeding, reduce intestinal infectious disease and parasitic disease epidemic. In daily life and agricultural production, the method of high temperature composting, biogas fermentation, bleaching powder or quicklime treatment is often used. Without the use of harmless toilet area, commonly used method is excrement cleaning after straw, add mix loess after composting, organic manure into crops as base fertilizer. If a livestock manure is small, feeding way, using human excrement and compost the way to collect together. If the scale of farming enterprises, high water content of pig manure and other livestock manure, generally using biogas fermentation, direct composting, biological fermentation fermentation tower model of chicken manure and other low water content of feces can be directly drying, drying, after the treatment of livestock manure can be used as organic fertilizer or feed. According to the finger below the fingerprint, the identification of the two-dimensional code, point of concern, free subscription to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences cancer hospital WeChat.