100 children with high blood pressure and obesity in Nanjing were 12 times more likely to have norma-ca1805

100 Nanjing 4 children suffering from hypertension in obese children and normal children is 12 times more and more obese children, have also increased the risk of hypertension is the National Hypertension Day yesterday, the modern express reporter from the Nanjing municipal health and Family Planning Commission was informed that, according to a survey in Nanjing, 100 children, about 4 of them have hypertension. Obese people are 12.47 times more likely to have high blood pressure. Experts suggest that children exercise 30-60 minutes a day, preschool children can skip rope, climbing stairs, jogging, etc., a little older children can try swimming, badminton, etc.. The survey data of thousands of students, over 450 people are " hypertensive children " recently, the Nanjing health department conducted a survey in 32 primary school, 12 middle schools in Nanjing a total of 10091 students, found 452 hypertensive children, accounted for 4.48%, that is every 100 children, more than 4 people with high blood pressure. Experts say children and adult hypertension, divided into primary hypertension (the relationship between unexplained, elevated blood pressure and high calorie diet, high salt diet, less exercise and other lifestyle close) and secondary hypertension (nephritis, renal artery stenosis caused by diseases such as high blood pressure). However, unlike adults, the majority of adults with primary hypertension, and most children with secondary hypertension. Therefore, once the child is diagnosed with high blood pressure, we must first find there is no cause of elevated blood pressure in the kidney, cardiovascular, renal vascular, endocrine and other aspects of the disease, and then actively treat these diseases. Obese children are 12 times more likely to have high blood pressure than normal children. In Nanjing, the survey found that obese children had a population of about 1275, accounting for about 12.6% of the total. 727 boys and 548 girls, boys are more than girls of the small number of pier. If further subdivision will be found, weight loss and weight, the proportion of hypertension accounted for 1.6%. Among overweight subjects, hypertension was 6.2%. Obese subjects were 17.1%. After analysis, the risk of obesity is 12.47 times higher than normal children. If according to physical activity analysis, the survey found that more physical activity, the risk of high blood pressure is low. Experts said that this shows that obesity is one of the important factors of hypertension. National Cardiovascular Center released "2015 Chinese cardiovascular disease report" pointed out that overweight and obesity, glucose and lipid metabolism, the family history of hypertension, low birth weight (< 2.6kg), lack of sleep is a risk factor for children suffering from hypertension. How to prevent children to manage the mouth taking the legs, exercise 1 hour a day experts say, children with hypertension, is a lot of, some after treatment and lifestyle changes, can also be reversed, so parents pay more attention at the same time, don’t worry, usually pay attention to let the children manage the mouth, stride leg. In the diet, to maintain the diversity of food, eat less fast food, high energy food, pay attention to both meat and vegetables, coarse collocation. Parents should urge their children to develop good habits, do not watch TV while eating, so as not to excessive intake of unknown. Obese children, in particular, should control their weight and encourage them to do the right amount of sports.相关的主题文章: