0Curitiba, clarify the champagne of speech I not intentional disrespect to the knight|Curitiba, clarify the champagne of speech I not intentional disrespect to the knight

Curry to clarify the champagne speech: is by no means I deliberately to Knight disrespect curry said not on the Cavaliers disrespect of sina sports dispatch Beijing time on January 20, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper reports, yesterday Knight vs. warriors game, Stephen curry remarks about champagne remarks triggered heated debate and touch the nerve of Cavaliers player. But after the game, Curitiba insisted his remarks did not mean for the cavaliers. "That’s not my intention. It’s never been." Curry said, "I respect them very (Cavaliers). I don’t respect them." For the speech of curry, the Cavs clearly has a their own understanding, at least a portion of the knight players think this is disrespectful to the them. "It is like saying:" I hope the finals confetti still left on the pitch. " But it’s already in the middle of the season." A knight said, "yes, it certainly makes us feel angry." But in fact from the point of view of the game yesterday, rather than Curry’s remarks do not respect the Cavaliers, might as well say that the Cavs don’t respect yourself. They have no sense of urgency on the pitch, with 98-132 at the end. "No, it never was." Curry on his remarks explained, "they (the media) asked me since we last year after winning the championship for the first time back to what is the feeling of Cleveland. Obviously, you feel like you’re in the dressing room for the first time since the last time we were here to celebrate. Although the remarks about champagne a little ironic, but it is not against them. That’s not me." (Rosen)